Heart Breaking February…

Heart Breaking February…

The thing is “It really doesn't take much to break a heart”. All depends on how you deal with a particular situation or a person. This is how it all began:

14th Feb XXXX

The month of love gets two loved ones together. This is what we all believe; this is what we all live by so far. Probably, not ALL, let’s say “Many”.  And so many years do, I fell for this dude, he proposed, I said yes! Looking back, I wonder “Should I have?”

Well not blaming the multiple heart breaks I’ve encountered with this same dude over and over again, it’s because we are two completely different people, with two different mindsets. I know, it could have worked, I for sure know, it could have, but this had to be both ways!

Years passed by, and with so much of togetherness we had; only the sour memories were reminded. The long series of quarrel, and multiple break ups and patch up in-between, was a whole new rollercoaster ride to me. Yet, when it comes to LOVE, you give in; you don’t have any ego, or attitude towards the person. You Love him, for who he is, for what his thoughts are, and henceforth.  I must be insanely in love, but that’s what I believed, or lived by…

7 yrs. later

Well one fine day, 1st Feb XXXX, things finally ended!  Well, however it started, the ending was much similar. Expressing his heart out on how miserable he was the entire 4 years, he yet again broke my heart into thousands of pieces. Leaving aside the minute details on him venting it out on me, the entire frustration he had, though, that wasn’t the only time; I listened.

There are few things that made me think, made me wonder, is it now worth fighting for? I’ve held on to it so long, but am I ready to let go? Or, should I just let go?

Time and again, I am not being negative, I am just avoiding it. Looking at it, when things were to be made easier, why was it more difficult is what I questioned myself? I don’t want it no more, I don’t want pains anymore!

All in all, February for me started off bad, the month of love ended with love I held, I don’t HATE anyone, but the value that I have for LOVE, ended with it. 

~ Anonymous 


Gaurav Kandel said...

For the Anonymous writer- Kudos for this effort you made. Live the life to the fullest

Loved this blog post despite its heart breaking moments its the guts that you took over for making it drop off. Be the way you are :)


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