Passion trumping facts and being an environmentalist!

Passion trumping facts and being an environmentalist!

How cool does "saving the world" sound?

Don't we all want to make this earth a better place? Fight global warming together? Raise voice against acts that harm the environment?

We should take action. Passionately!

However, how straight can you get the facts about issues you care about so much? Will the global warming ever sink Maldives? Will there be an end to glaciers as we know it? Will Nepal have enough trees in 20 years from now?

Would you sign a petition to ban Di-Hydrogen Mono-Oxide? It is a chemical found in many industrial products. It can be associated with vomiting, dehydration etc.

Above video is an answer to most questions asked above.

Also, please hear George Carlin's sarcastic take on plastics, humans, and saving the earth!

Kshitiz Khanal
twitter @kshitizkhanal7



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