Girls take lead for Girls Arm Wrestling

Girls take lead for Girls Arm Wrestling

Inter Department Girls' Arm Wrestling Competition was organized in Pulchowk Engineering Campus on 3rd February, 2014. It was organized by the 2nd  year students of CIVIL AB . Thirty four students from five Departments of the campus(Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architecture, Electronics and Communication) of Pulchowk Campus had taken part in the competition.


Most of the programs organized in Pulchowk Campus are for boys as girls in Engineering Campuses are very few in number. The Chief Guest of the program was The Head of Civil Department, Prof. Vishwa Nath Khanal and the Chairperson was the Class Representative of CIVIL AB, Mr. Aabiskar Timilsina.

"I participated in the program not just to win but to have some fun as well", says Biva Gyawali, the 2nd runner up of the competition. There was a huge crowd of audience and boys had even come with their guitar to cheer up for the girls of their class.

"It is totally a new experience watching girls arm wrestle.It'sfun and entertaining", says Bikash Adhikari, one of the audience. "Girls are powerful as well. I will stop bullying them", says Janak Kharel, a 4th year student.

The  winners of the program are Sanju Lamichhane, Anusa Sharma & Biva Gyawali who took the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

The organizers are happy with the program's success and are determined to organize more of such programs for girls in the future.

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