Ultimate Satisfaction! Headshots with Counter Strike: Source

Ultimate Satisfaction! Headshots with Counter Strike: Source

Well everyone needs to start off from somewhere, and somewhere down the line, me of all people, gave CSS a try, not cause I loved the game, cause someone asked me to..  There you go, one always needs to give it a try, and there is definitely no harm in trying…

Started off with Asish Singh adding me up to the MSS page, and telling me that he would infact give me the game so that I can have it installed. Installed, and all I could do was, log in to the online game, a noob at the beginning, which I still consider to be one atm, faced a hell load of embarrassments, deaths and hence forth..

Having always played from the “terrorists” side is a huge drawback. When auto balance occurs in between the teams, you get auto moved, that is exactly what had happened to me once .. The worst part was, when I managed to kill the last two ppl, and miserably failed to diffuse the bomb, not cause I didn’t reach the bombing spot on time, cause I didn’t know that pressing ‘E’ would have solved my issue right there and then.. HA! What happened next was a disaster, all I could hear were people laughing their arse off, cause of how I played! A sole player alive, yet we lost!

It’s true that practice makes it perfect, and I bet I am improving as days go by! Many said that this game has a whole lot of violence, yet I stick to it, as it gives me that satisfaction, or gives me a reason to stay motivated, or helps me clear my mind out when I need it the most! A post dedicated to all those people, who have made it to a point to come play, enjoy, tolerate and make gaming a better place to be in!

Cheers to all MSS players J

p.s. I thoroughly enjoy the sound of “headshots”. It spells sexy to my ears! hehe



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