Songs & Me

Songs & Me

I need your grace
To remind me
To find my own ~ Snow Petrol, Chasing Car

Heard this song probably 3-4 years back, and they said it well! A lovely song, where anyone can relate, and the verse above hold a lot more than just few words…

Songs for me has always been about lyrics, and then the beats. LOUD is always kept for those days where I’d walk, which I’d been doing it often, while it has always been about having a good the lyrics... But then there are also those meaning less ones with catchy tones that you cannot get it out of your head!

When it comes to songs and being updated, I suck at it! But the addiction to rvlradio makes it easy for me, as the top 20’s updates me with the new release while the requests pouring in makes me realize there are more good songs in the world.. My limited knowledge on Zac Brown, Reba McEntire has now been expanded to much more; thanks to Going Country.. While the voice Roshni’s having Adele on air for me is simply overwhelming...

It’s true when said, that ‘songs’ speaks your heart out, and at times when we have nth to say, song is the best message we can send across!



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