Sandals: A bundle of Joy

Sandals: A bundle of Joy

I personally do not think I am a shopaholic, unless someone literally drives me crazy enough to wait and then I start browsing whatever I have in front of me. Ah, it’s nothing but the boredom that kills you! Well this is what it is for me….

Unaware of what’s next, yet knowing for a fact that I have to reach the destination, I made my way towards BKs… The ultimate place to have French fries and shabhalays…

Just as I was making my way, I got a phone call, wondering whether to stay back or go ahead, I started talking to her, standing right in front of the shop only to know that it consists of sandals I literally searched in India. Well not that India didn’t have it, those were indeed imported from India, leather sandals, but that particular store in India didn’t have my size, and this store did! Glad to see such varieties, I went in hoping to find the perfect pair…

Guess what? I did find that pair, and another one, and then another one and then another one, only to end up with 6 pairs of sandals! And the rule of thumb when it comes to my shopping, if it’s a bit girlie; I get the same thing to my mom! Ah! Ended up buying a bunch!! As stupid as it sounds, I have the entire summer to explore, wreck, break, and tear those little summer footwear by the end of the season. If not anything, I can mix up a proverb ‘a sandal a day keeps the jerks away’ and keep them away J

Anyhow, I love those colorful sandals I purchased, love the vibrant color… All in all, a satisfied customer stepped out of the shop, while all she did was talked over the phone as she chose those sandals off the shelves… yay!

Text by: Subhasini Shrestha



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