What is the Universe made of ? NAO2014 Special

What is the Universe made of ? NAO2014 Special

The atoms around you have existed for billions of years -- and most originated in the flaming, gaseous core of a star. Dennis Wildfogel tells the captivating tale of these atoms' long journeys from the Big Bang to the molecules they form today.

While National Astronomy Olympiad 2014 is all on its way we hope you have visited our application centres by 15th March, 2014 as the exams are on the 22nd of March, 2014. As shared Universe is also part of our syllabus right ? Indeed it is where we mainly ask your questions from Universe
Galaxy; Dark Matter; Hubble’s law.

While, we share your about What is the Universe made of ?  Lesson by Dennis Wildfogel, animation by Pew36 Animation Studios.

Source - +TED-Ed 



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