Food Safety for Prosperity

Food Safety for Prosperity

                                        “Food Safety for Prosperity”

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Food Safety for Prosperity

According to IFC Research, 70% of tourist had some kind of food and water borne problems associated with travel to Nepal.

Agro-Food system  has a significant role in the sustainable development of the Nation with the  Healthy green and fair food system. we can assures on Health, environment and economic  sustainability; there is no denial to this fact. Considering to this realism, We aspirant Students’ of Food science and Technology involving in Nepal Food Technology Students’Association  at Pokhara Bigyan Tatha Prabidhi Campus are propounding to launch  a Safety Programme on   Food  system in Pokhara.

Pokhara being a Tourist area, there is a higher impact of malpractices and misleading behavior    in Food system. The system of Agro food market policy for green, healthy and Nutritious food  is demolishing day by day. Unhygienic and contaminated  environment even in Hospitals, Public Zones and Tourist area is reflecting our reality in international community. Inhumane act of  adulteration, has raised a Big  question to Human right issue? Needless to talk about the unhygienic street food market, which will certainly results the devastating situation in coming future. Therefore a revolution is necessary in this instance, Nepal Food Technology students’ Association at Pokhara Bigyan Tatha Prabidhi Campus has initiates this event for the systematic practices in Agro Food  system in Pokhara;
हाम्रो  पोखरा राम्रो पोखरा.

Highlight, Interaction Programme: Capacity building of  research alumnus on Food Safety Management System 


  Some of the major programs are forwarded to make general public, society, Tourism Professionals, and student’s awareness on various issues in food and food system currently prevalent are given below.

I.       To Improve knowledge status on 2CC (Cold Chain and Cross Contamination) on farmyards at local level.
II.      To aware entire mass of population on local level consequences of chemicals, pesticides, Veterinary residue, growth hormone on human health through media &Blogging.
III.     To Initiate awareness Programme on “Food safety for Tourism Security & Prosperity”     targeted to HOTEL AND RESTAURANT  at Lakeside.

Let us make this  programme a foundation for the revolutionary amelioration  in the  entire chain  of  food  commodity for bringing to light the malpractices in food and Agro-food system.

Ashim Sigdel is a aspirant reseach scholar on  Food Science and Technology at Pokhara Bigyan Tatha Prabidhi Campus. He is an initator of "Food Safety for Prosperity" in Pokhara



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