Proudly wearing a Nepali tshirt. What About you ?

Proudly wearing a Nepali tshirt. What About you ?

Amidst a lot of foreign and rip-off brands that have maintained a dominant influence in our domestic market, Nepali consumer market seem to have greatly appreciated the custom designs on t-shirts.  “Tee ‘N’ Tee” Expo, that was held this Saturday, was a reaction to the same. It was but a blink of concept put into actions with a small bit of planning and a whole bit of working together. Six different brands agreed to come together, all at one place to create the first ever gathering of custom t-shirt houses in Nepal. No sponsors, no big budget, not a particularly dedicated ‘organizing committee’ and yet a small effort turned into an “event” that happened. 

The event included six different custom tshirt houses starting with Baucha O’ Maicha, Mo:Mo Nation, Fresco Tees, Neptees, 1475  and  +Threadpaints . Each of these custom houses have been giving Nepali customers with different taste of designs in their t-shirts. The event was organized in a cozy little café/coffee shop in Bakhudole going with the name of Basecamp and One Ugly Mug

The setting of the event looked as if you were in some tee-heaven with tshirts hanging around the venue, beginning from the entrance itself. The crowd was amazing and seemed to appreciate the collaborative movement while they indulge in their thirst for good designs like a kid in a candy store. The live musical event from a local band as well as delicious breads, cakes and cookies from Prakriti bread kept the crowd going.

A lot of Nepali custom t-shirt design house have come into existence since last few years. Their number is significant, their designs are widely varied. But to speak of the unfortunate truth, custom designs have not been able to penetrate even 5% of the Nepali t-shirt consumer market.

The products that they make, the designs that they offer are no less than that of any other ‘branded’ company. In fact in most of the cases, it’s even better. The quality of these products are comparable to those big brands. The service that they offer is better than that of any other big brand. The design content that we can get in these t-shirts is what we, as people, experience in our lives. And yet, the reach is too less to be expressed in numbers. 
One of the vendors,  co-founder +Sabin Bhandari  said -
 “As local manufacturers, we care more about the people, their way of life and their design taste. It is time that we come together to advocate for this common cause we believe in. We believe t-shirts that are designed and manufactured with in the country should cover a significant percentage in the local consumer market itself, if not all. Nothing would give us a good mileage than working together in collaboration.”

This event though small, was definitely the one to remember. This will certainly set a platform more of such collaboration to come in the future.

 +View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई - representatives along with few bloggers attended the expo and will in days ahead share you an audio interview taken by our Founding initiator +Gaurav Kandel. We value positive initiatives like this that shows great outcomes and we look forward to encourage such events as well. 

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