Professor Dr Surendra KC and Prakash A.Raj in 17th edition of Conversations

Professor Dr Surendra KC and Prakash A.Raj in 17th edition of Conversations

Embassy of India in Kathmandu and B.P. Koirala India-Nepal Foundation organized 17th edition of Conversations on Friday, May 9, 2014 at Nepal Bharat Library, Nepal Airlines Building in New Road Gate.

Moderated by writer author Prakash A.Raj, this edition of Conversations featured noted historian and Professor of History in Tribhuvan University , Professor Dr. Surendra KC.

In reminiscence of yesteryear, Dr. Surendra KC began,
“During those early days of my life, my generation has no exposure like the generation today is blessed with. It was only after my teens that I first saw a radio. There were no promising schools to study and scholarships used to be a farfetched dream. Thus many like me had no clue why were we writing and what it meant to become a writer. We were just following the fashion”

Dr KC further added that despite having authored 25 books, he however is not convinced that he was written anything substantial to this today.

He said, “The thirst of learning never ends, the more you write, the more you polish yourself as a writer. Hopefully my upcoming book Wyathaa Mero, Kathaa Deshko will turn out to be my first volume that will convince me that I can write.”

Moderator Prakash A.Raj and Dr. Surendra KC further discussed on the political history of Nepal, the rise of leftist movement in Nepal, the leftist structure in India, the scopes for writers for Nepal and politics in literary field.

“There is a huge bureaucracy in the literary field of Nepal too. Many professors are professors today, not because they qualify to become one, but because it is their political appointment. Many writers are acclaimed writers in Nepal, not because they deserve but because they constructed their circle in a bureaucratic manner. An author in Nepal can never fulfill the basic of his needs relying on the royalty,” elaborated Dr. KC.
Dr KC interacted with the audience at the end of the programme.

Press Release statement by Embassy of India, Kathmandu



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