A Story inspires Many

A Story inspires Many

Stories of self inspires many indeed. Sometimes when we see others doing some amazing thing be it act, dance, play, speech, song and even some inspiring feelings that you also go through the same feeling then it brings a u-turn in your life. 

We feel the same with Saugat Rajbhandaris (+augast99 on youtube ). 

Watch it :) And if you feel the same then do share it and also share your comments :)

How did it start ? 

Why did i blog it ?

I have always believed that its just a small push and it was that push that made this happen and we are PROUD of it. 

P.S. -
As the video and posts were public we felt that it won't be any issues with Saugat for us publishing it. We have already requested Saugat for it and he has allowed us with due permission. Thank you Saugat :) Thank you for this narrative story of yours. We thank you and #you both :) 

Blogged by youth activist and motivational trainer +Gaurav Kandel.  


Unknown said...

inspiring... bravo buddy...

Gaurav Kandel said...

Saugat Rajbhandari(augast99)'s #story inspired me :) It's all about a #push & It was Saugat's referred #you's push that made it happen and 25 Likes that made it happen The realization that made it happen and the biggest that was SAUGAT RAJBHANDARI's SELF made it happen

I see each and everyone have the similar own stories and its all about reflecting it :)

I got inspired from this push by Saugat :) Thank you loads (Y) (Y)

Asun said...

Evn though its a small story, it did tells a lot..
Thnx fr the inspiration... Loved ur contribution to inspire many...


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