The Platform Inc. adds platform to your venture

The Platform Inc. adds platform to your venture

Considering the current status of Nepal, there are many financial and economical hindrances stacking on top of an already high risk and unpredictable path of introducing and operating a company or business. In recent times, several startups from an array of fields and industries have been entering the Nepalese market out of which, some are thriving, some are comfortable,while a countless number of startups don’t quite make the cut. It is a shame to see bright minds coming up with brilliant ideas, but failing to implement and sustain their businesses. 

This is where +The Platform Inc. comes in. With easy and affordable access to their premium facilities, Platform offers an inspirational co-working space that could change the way people perceive the sector of startups. A co-working space is a new way for independent professionals and businesses to work in a shared, collaborative space. The concept of co-working space is fairly new to Nepal, but is gradually getting popular due to the convenience and advantages they provide. 

Co-Founders - Krishant Rana and Prasan Shrestha
“The vision we share at The Platform is that of reducing risks, and guiding and assisting our members through each and every step of the process through the medium of unique and effective services. We are much more than just a co-working space; we are a community that collaborates in a manner that increases productivity, credibility, and motivates members to reach for the top,” emphasized +Krishant Rana, the Managing Director and Co-Founder of The Platform Inc.

With great attention to detail in every aspect of the upbringing of The Platform, their facility’s design is optimized to suit the needs of many. They understand the varying requirements of individuals and allow them to handpick services that complement their system enabling members to have a truly personalized experience.

A work environment is much more than a desk and a chair thrown together in a dimly lit room. It is an ‘environment’ and needs to be carefully designed to enhance ‘work’ performance. Platform understands the essentiality of the term and the meaning behind it and has put in a great deal of effort to provide a complete solution.  

Interior shots of The Platform Inc. at Uttardhoka, Kathmandu

Platform is built around a foundation of professionalism and provides just that allowing its members to have a sense of confidence and credibility amongst their respective clients. This in turn has a positive effect in the business’s growth and development in the long run.

+Prasan Shrestha, other Co - Founder adds, “We are not just here for startups and entrepreneurs. We welcome clients from any and every stage in the walk of life. From young students to established white collars, we are compatible to a wide range of age, purpose, and ambition.”

Advance bookings are currently available at promotional discount rates

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