The Trend Continues: UDAAN SXC MELA 2015

The Trend Continues: UDAAN SXC MELA 2015

Following the grand success of last year’s first SXC Mela, the trend continues again as St. Xavier’s College has decided to bring it back this time around. Going by the official name UDAAN SXC MELA 2015, it will be the second mela of its kind organized by SXC and the first one by UDAAN. UDAAN is a club for Bachelors and Masters Level students in St. Xavier’s College.
The mela is going to be held on 14th March 2015 (फाल्गुन ३०गते २०७१) from 10AM to 5PM. SXC’s North Gate is determined to be the entrance gate, while the two South Gates will be used as exit.  Addressing last year’s issues, 48 student volunteers will be mobilized for primary tasks, in and around the mela. This count does not include various security personnel, medics, event coordination team and volunteers of individual stalls. This is not an event limited to only students of St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar; Everybody is invited - Like last year, a huge wave of audience from all over the valley is expected in this event due to the various attractions it entails.

Last time, Adrian Pradhan’s show was a total hit and as expected, this year they’re bringing the LIVE Performance of the whole team. Nepali Rock band, 1974AD’s LIVE performance is the biggest highlight of the program along with performances by Satya Raj and Sworup Raj. For those who’re not into Nepali Rock music, there’s also going to be a comedy show by the “Meri Bassai” Team. Throw in various Game Stalls, DJ Session and Bingo event with promising prizes; there’s something for just about anybody. UDAAN SXC MELA 2015 will be there for a short 7hours, ample time to accommodate everyone’s schedule but guaranteed to leave you wanting more.
The mela will be held at St. Xavier College ground, Maitighar, Kathmandu. Tickets are priced @ Rs.100 per person, which is the entry pass and doubles as a raffle/lotto ticket for various hourly door prizes and other exciting prizes including the bumper prize. A significant portion of the funds raised by this event will also go to the St. Xavier’s Social Service Fund.  

This year however, there is also going to be a Blood Donation Program organized by Sahara Samaj in association with Nepal Red Cross Society. Sahara Samaj is a new startup social organization founded by a group of BSc. CSIT 3rd Semester Students with special members from BSW, which aims to deliver different social-service programs wherever possible. If this interests you, kindly contact 9843692080 @Siddhant Rimal, to register yourself early on. Alternatively, you can visit their stall which will be located near the North Gate Entrance. Blood Donation Program will be held from 10AM to 2PM.

1974AD + Satya Raj & Sworup Raj + Meri Bassai Team + DJ Session + Game Stalls + Bingo + Cultural program + B-boying + dance and many more in-between shows = Perfect Weekend Fun with Friends. So what sealed the deal for you? Leave us your comments below!

Guest Post by +Siddhant Rimal a.k.a. Lance Elot
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