Adventure Tourism 2016:Here Comes NEPAL!

Adventure Tourism 2016:Here Comes NEPAL!

It's in most people's list to go on an adventure, to travel to exotic places on Earth where they can find something that's truly breathtaking. When these things come into mind, often some might wish to go on an adventure alone like in the +Bear Grylls show, travel to places such as New Zealand, explore the +Coral Reef in Australia, go to Iceland to watch the +Northern lights in Iceland, find the beauty of Switzerland or even relax in one of the beaches in southern Asia.

But for some of us, it might be too expensive to travel the world. So we might as well stick with our own beauty. We often try to fine the beauty around us, but fail to look upon our own self. However, this Hope for Nepal video will surely make you want to explore Nepal right away. There is much to Nepal then you've every thought!

Life is an Adventure - Bucket List #visitnepal2016 from Adventour Asia on Vimeo.

Adventure lover, +Luxman Maharjan composed this wonderful video some with the time-lapse and others collected online. His main purpose of this video, is to spread awareness to boom up Adventure Tourism in Nepal. With the damage caused by the great earthquake and the blockade from India, Nepal's economy has been hampered to a greater extend. Surely, this video will attract some outdoor adventure lovers from around the world who don't know much about Nepal's Adventure Activities. He dedicated the video to a friend's new born baby on first of January, Asha which is to sparkle hope for Nepal.

The Adventure video starts off with a bicycle guiding us into adventurous Nepal. Mountain biking, mountain skydive, paragliding, para hawking, rafting are some of the adventures to show off in this video. Apart from the sports, It showcase amazing mountainous beauty, valleys, and hills. It has surely attracted my interest to explore Nepal as much as I can. What about you? Are you looking for some adventure this 2016? Visit Nepal 2016!

Writer: +Bijesh Bajracharya 
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