The thing that attracted Prince Harry's heart!

The thing that attracted Prince Harry's heart!

From serving in Military alongside the Gurkha to actually landing a visit to Nepal, how has Nepal attracted the heart of Prince Harry?

The answer might be simple. You got to visit Nepal, to get attracted to it! And that's exactly what Prince Harry found after concluding his official visit to Nepal at the 200th anniversary of Nepal - UK bilateral relations.

This is what he said:
Source: The British Monarchy
Prince Harry's tour included visiting the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Kathmandu and a disaster relief camp housing people made homeless by the 2015 earthquakes, visiting Bardia National Park, being welcomed as a guest into a Gurkha widow's home for the night, becoming 'Head Man' of the village of Leorani, celebrating the festival of Holi, supporting the Nepal Girl Summit, and paying his respects to Gurkha Soldiers and their families.
          -The British Monarchy

With so much going on in his daily schedule, he has truly fallen in love with the hospitality of Nepalese, and the country itself; he expands his tour to 6 days working with TeamRubikonUK to assist with the rebuilding of schools.

This truly shows that, if Nepal can win over the heart of Prince Harry, then surely we can win the hearts of millions of people around the world. What we need right now is to gain the trust of all the tourists that think Nepal is still unsafe after the earthquake, to make them visit Nepal! With this tour of Prince Harry, positives can be taken into Nepal's rebuilding process and it's tourism industry. We hope our hospitality could help us win the hearts of millions around the world.

Jay Nepal!

Writer: +Bijesh Bajracharya 
twitter: @Bajra_b
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