View Your Choice blogs Nepal's first sitcom P.S. Zindagi

View Your Choice blogs Nepal's first sitcom P.S. Zindagi

+View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई - is outreach partner for P.S. Zindagi a production of Musumusu Productions

Nepal is all set to launch Nepal's first online sitcom ( situation comedy) web series P.S. Zindagi ( P.S. stands for Post Seismic ) from 25th April, 2016 as it marks the one year anniversary of Nepal Earthquake.

P.S. Zindagi is an exciting, edgy, new show that captures the contemporary daily reality of youth in Nepal reflecting on how Nepali people continued to live their lives after the 2015 earthquake.

+utpal jha director of the series shares, 
" We wanted to show how even a disaster as huge as that earthquake was not able to dampen the multiple facets of life for people in Nepal. "

The series features 5 youth - Krishna, JP, Kokab, Juna and Dolma - in Kathmandu, and how the ongoing tremors added unexpected dimensions to their lives, trials and tribulations. All the five characters have their own eccentricities, dreams, desires, hopes and fears that reflect what a majority of youth in Nepal are facing. P.S. Zindagi reveals all of these through comic situations that arise in their daily lives.

The first episode  " The End and The Beginning " sees the introduction of  5 main characters from diverse backgrounds, and the point in time where their lives start to intersect in a nondescript building on Chhetrapati, Kathmandu. 

Watch to see how their stories and characters unfold in their lives post the 2015 earthquake. Here's the first episode ( click here) 

Watch the trailer here and comment below how do you find it 

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