I came across an article on the Internet a few days back where I read about a rather unusual and unique concept adopted by a young entrepreneur (She is a self made billionaire by the way) – revolutionizing the concept of how we draw blood from our body.
Elizabeth Holmes, 31, established her own company, +Theranos, based in Silicon Valley, USA, at 2003, when she was 19 years old!
Source: Business Insider
The company focuses on a better lab experience for customers. The primary service area of this company is on blood tests and medical tests. The company is famous for implementing a new mechanism of blood tests. With few drops of blood, ample amount of blood tests can be performed.
Amazing, right?
Generally when we go for blood tests, the lab technicians bring up these huge needles and take up so much blood from our veins, it is quite scary and nerve wrecking. Some people have such phobias for needles and syringes, I feel really sorry for them. Even I am quite afraid of needles. As a matter of fact, I went for a blood test today and taking a look at those thick needles made my whole body sweat.
Theranos developed this mechanism of using minimal amount of blood through a blood-testing device named Edison. A finger-pricking device (same mechanism as how we check glucose level in the body) is used to draw blood from the patients.
Usually, the patients go to the clinics or hospitals to draw blood. They take the results to the doctor. At follow-up, the doctor again orders the patient for another blood test for another diagnosis (this means more needles and more blood to be drawn).
The Theranos methodology provides the patient with the ease of using up same drop of blood can be used for numerous tests, around 70 test and in fewer time than the traditional means!
This obviously saves time and money, doesn’t it? The plus point is that the blood test can be done at home because we just have to follow a few simple steps where there is no such expertise help required.
P.S. She was a Stanford dropout at the age of 19 and used her college tuition fee for money. She is a true inspiration for all us youth wondering on what we can and cannot do. 

As she says, all of us have potentials and credibility; people just wait longer before they go.

She was named no.1 on +Business Insider's Silicon Valley Top 100 list as of 2015. 
Holme’s signature attire : Black Suit and a Black turtleneck which often reminds people of the legendary Steve Jobs. People have often criticized her of copying or trying to be like him. *What is so wrong in that?*
This is just an overview of what the company mainly focuses on. For inside story on Elizabeth Holmes, watch the interesting TEDMED Documentary below.

Happy Watching!

Writer: Trisha Dahal 
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