Late night thoughts...... Do it for the good people

Late night thoughts...... Do it for the good people

First of all, I apologize for not being a "blogger" as I am not writing out my thoughts as often as I would like to.  So, I will keep my thoughts short here. And thanks +Gaurav Kandel for still allowing me to write.
You are a teacher, entrepreneur, or an activist. You have ideas and you have initial followers. Sometimes the momentum picks up like a wildfire and other times, it cruises away. But as a person, you never give up. You put your faith in what your karma is and perform it with utmost dedication. Giving up is not in your blood. Do not let anybody else make you think otherwise. Everybody has a fair share of their fortune. But the ones get things done are those who actually create their luck through utmost belief and dedication
A professor often complains about his students not working to their potential. Often times, he whines when his students do not pay attention in their class, turn in un-reviewed assignment  or simply slack. He also struggles to reply to all those student emails which asks questions before reviewing directions or syllabus. But the professor still does it. He teaches, he answers their questions, lights their curiosity, cancels classes only as a last resort. Because, he believes that at the bottom of our hearts, we all (or most) are curious and knowledge hungry. He believes 10% success is still a success. Imagine one day the professor just gives up.

We are all that professor. For us, a small improvement is still an improvement. So, put in that effort. If  you cannot prevent the egg crate from falling , save the ones that did not break. Cherish what is left.

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