Bummer bombers

Bummer bombers

What we all need to do in this world is try to leave it a better place than the one you were born into. We all want to bring change and develop our nation but what we need to do is find an ethical and acceptable way of doing so. If you want change become a revolutionist, not a terrorist.

Violence is wrong in every way. It's not the right way to seek for change. We do not want children to grow up to be dim wits who think violence is a way of achieving things. Risking children's life and inducing panic to a peaceful nation such ours is the last thing any of us want. We do not want to hurt the morale of the young minds, do we? We want kids to grow up with the right mindset.  The kind of act we saw today, planting bombs at schools, is an act performed by mentally ill people, the kind that did not go to school.

Take a look around. Isn't Nepal the most beautiful country in the world? There is every opportunity for the future generation to prosper in a country like ours. Our country is the land of opportunity. We do not need to bring up safety issues in our country again, do we? We want children to get the right education in school. We want these kids to grow up to become entrepreneurs and build the nation. I think I know where terrorists are built. They're the arrogant child, the cry babies, those who cannot come up with reason, nor battle with wit. These are cowards. These are the lots who have been so misled. These are people who've grown up this way. It's their way of showing anger and dissatisfaction, but it's not the right way to do. The right thing to do is come up with a plan, negotiate with authority and implement it.

Writing a song is a meaningful way of expressing feelings and demanding change. Writing for a national paper is another. Aren't these bombers trying to demand something and force a change in the system? These bombers might actually have a rightful plan to do something but the execution must be reasonable. If you think the government is wrong about a whole lot of things, my advice to you is to open up your own organisation and bring the change you want to bring peacefully. As a youth of this country, I feel there is nothing I cannot do. I can only see a bright future for the children of our country. I can see clearly now that there is no way we'll be going downhill in our country. There is so much to do in our country and youths of the nation are going for it, making a name for themselves with innovation. In my vision, I do not see the next generation forming rebel groups and terrorising the country. With help of social media, digitalisation of records and the right influences, I see positive changes everywhere.

Praying doesn't help but working on it does. The thing we've witnessed yesterday was preposterous and something we'd never like to ever see again. Let us hope we wake up every morning with good stories of achievements, that's that make us feel blessed. Let's act professional and find solutions the right way.

Act like a Nepali. Be brave, not a coward.

Author +Abish Shakya 
About the Author: 21. Coder, blogger, guitarist, atheist, nihilist, vegetarian and night owl. Into current affairs, culture, altruism, environment, football and classic rock. 
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