Tootle: Ride-Sharing in Nepal

Tootle: Ride-Sharing in Nepal

We all know about Uber. Uber is internationally well known brand for providing ride-sharing service where you can privately make reservation, make calls and have a car ready for you at a specific place at a specific time. It is active in 77 countries and 527 cities which does not include Nepal. Many of us, including me want it here in Nepal. But we have not been that fortunate. However, it seems that Nepal is also on its way to having its own ride sharing service.
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Tootle, like other ride-sharing service providers, is a customer to customer (C2C) business company, which helps general citizen share rides easily. They are currently in a testing phase and trying to bring some users to use their app before they go official. The dates of their launch is not yet official. But even now, you can download their app and use it while you can.

Essentially how it works is, you just download the app called Tootle, sign up and login. After you are done, then you just set the pickup and drop location and request for a ride.

  When you are done booking, your request will be seen by all available riders. The riders will be able to see your number, and they will call you and pick you up. After you have dropped you can either make payment in cash or from the tootle wallet. The cost of the ride depends on the distance. Currently, you will have a 500 rupee as a startup budget since it is still being tested. And you can only pay from the balance in the wallet. Once you are dropped in your location, the payment will automatically be made.
If however, you decide to cancel the booking, just tap into the “X’ location and cancel the booking.

As for the rider, you have to download a separate app called Tootle partner and register. then you have to accept the the client and your device will send an SMS to them. Then you can just receive them  and drop them. For information visit their website. Again, you will receive money through cash or from the tootle’s wallet. 

But you have to remember that it is still in a testing phase. So, don't be surprised if you don't see many riders or offers. Try out the app with your friends, with someone you know and give them a feedback. If you have any question, you can contact them in 
visit their website to know more

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