Where it all began!

Where it all began!

To Everyone, (I am quite awkward at social gathering to introduce myself and let me tell you it's neither easier on the internet.) Irony! I believe, for I have invested most of time on Instagram writing about my personal experiences. I suppose we are all flawed and I don't claim to be out of the extra-ordinary. Okay! Now that we have move past that awful introduction, I hope you will find my strange stories oddly familiar. With this foolish hope, I leave today's blog with my Instagram post about my first novel. This is my story about how I fell in love with reading. 

- +Dhruba Yonzon 

The first novel that I remember ever reading of a proper nature was “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. It was 10 years ago and I was 11 years old. I had saved enough money to buy a novel. (Here, I’d like to thank my best friend @bhaguri for buying lunch for both of us.) That day, I walked 15 minutes after school to a local bookstore shoved between two giant supermarkets on either side. It was small and insignificant, almost invisible to a passerby. But not to me. For me, it held magic beyond imagination. To give you context, I never had anyone read stories to me and my school’s library only had “Kopila” which I believed were not proper literatures. And I knew, I was meant for something more. I knew even then, that I wanted to live in libraries full of stories that I had only heard about till then. So, I went to the bookstore and asked for a story. (It wasn’t big enough for one to go in browse for yourself.) Yet, it held the books with pride in its worn-out selves. The owner kindly asked me which one. I hadn’t thought about that part! My eyes wondered from one book to another and couldn’t believe that a store such small had that many selections. My eyes fell upon Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone; however, I didn’t buy it that time. (Right now, my 21-year-old self, smiles over that decision. If only you knew little one.) I went to the shop with few papers in my pocket, I returned with 615 pages and more much. It was a great deal! I read “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and I was ever sure that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. To read! And I promised myself that day, when I had enough money. I’d buy the entire shop. This led to save for money and make my visits frequent. I got the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone next time I made such journey and we all know how that went. So, when people ask me, why do I read? I want you to know that I don’t have a definite answer. But when people say, we only have one life to live; I plan on buying them a book.
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