‘Age is just a number’ is promptly proven by this 19 year old boy who recently founded  Kartal Advertising Pvt. Ltd. along with his three friends. Currently studying Diploma in Civil Engineering at Sunsari Technical College, Dharan, Abhishek is passionate about growing the marketing field led by the youth.
Starting of his journey
Abhishek’s journey of dreaming big started with an innocent curiosity which he touched up as,”May be, I was studying in class 6 at that time. It was an English period and there was a small river near our school. One day, I randomly asked my teacher if I could generate hydro power from that river. He smiled and replied, yes, if you can dream about it then obviously you can do it. He knew that it was impossible because water used to flow once a year at that small seasonal river however he led my curiosity to a certain direction of possibility and hope”.
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