Pushpa Basnet as CNN Hero of the Year 2012 Will she make it ?

Pushpa Basnet as CNN Hero of the Year 2012 Will she make it ?

Pushpa Basnet who is one of the current talk of the town and a charming person to meet with has had several obstacles in her life and she has always been taking those risks with all that great courage in her. When one rarely would have thought much Pushpa when she just stepped into her early 20's while being a student of Social work took the initiative to start The Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) in the year 2005. This was when she was for a college assignment at the women prison in Kathmandu. One could rarely see such bitter moments like she experienced seeing kids living inside the prison behind the bars with their mothers. Being a courageous person to start with a residential home for these kids and even train the mothers in handicraft has always inspired teenagers and youths who were at her age and still ones who hear about Pushpa and her story.

Pushpa's Story at CNN Heroes

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A Nepali girl who once lived in prison with her mom now has a brighter future thanks to CNN Hero Pushpa Basnet.

Its not just Pushpa but many other jewels in the world who have done great courageous work that has always made them come together with people to solve the crisis of the status they have been working on. CNN Heroes has been one such tremendous acknowledge effort . Started from 2007, it has been supporting many such great people .

Back in 2007 with Pablo Fajardo as CNN Hero of the Year 2007, continued with Liz McCartney as CNN Hero of the Year 2008 carrying next was Efren Peñaflorida as CNN Hero of the Year 2009 and bringing to one such golden hearten women Anuradha Koirala as CNN Hero of the year 2010.

I still recall the year 2010 when i with View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई - team was requested for the campaign by the nominator Nisha Pradhan.  We thank Nisha, Samrat and Sadikshya who actually networked us to make that happen. And much more with all who been so actively involved from worldwide including  Sushil Raj Joshi and the team of Satya Shakti Advertising. I still recall the moment when i directly communicated with colleagues at Turner Broadcasting for the campaign and they were so much supportive for all we were doing as well. With all small initiation and worldwide campaigns we were glad media and other organizations also took the campaign ahead with mega programs for Anuradha Di.

Back to CNN Heroes again , then it was Robin Lim as CNN Hero of the year 2011 and now in the year 2012 we are hoping a lot that Pushpa Basnet will make it as CNN Hero of the year 2012. Yes indeed, we are already glad that Pushpa has made it to Top 10 of CNN Heroes.

Before anyone predicts and guess on who is the next CNN Hero of the Year here is an interview of Pushpa with CNN on November 19th, 2012.

  Pushpa Basnet being TOP 10 CNN Hero has to go hand in hand with all other great courageous people like Wanda ButtsMary CortaniCatalina EscobarRazia JanThulani Madondo, Leo McCarthy,Connie SiskowskiScott Strode and Malya Villard-Appolon.  Lets expect the best out of it and wait for 


 Each of the TOP 10 CNN Heroes will receive a $50,000 grant for their extraordinary efforts to improve the lives of others.With the large number of votes from CNN.com one of them from the TOP 10 will be announced as CNN Hero of the Year 2012 who will receive an additional $250,000 to continue their work.

While CNN HEROES Nominations for 2013 has started, you can NOMINATE some one if you like to as well.



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