Prashansha KC, 17, describes herself as a patient and enthusiastic YouTuber, Filmmaker, Social Activist and Poetess who loves to be creative and make people happy through her vlogs. In addition, she educate, aware, encourage and inspire viewers online.
Currently, she is working on filming and editing YouTube videos. In addition, she is planning and designing a project called ‘A Word A Step Ahead’ which is an educational project for the students of Mid-Western part of Nepal. In this project, she along with her team are going to teach English, Literature, leadership qualities and mass speaking to students. On September 2017, she, on the behalf of “World Experience Foundation” initiated and completed a project named “Eradication of Kidnap Marriage” to spread awareness against kidnap marriage and child for 21 days in Rukum. She also taught English to government school students in Rukum.
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