Anshu Chaudhary, Canopy Nepal Scholar
Anshu Chaudhary, a former EIC participant, is Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar studying in Grade 8 at Kanti Ishwori Rajya Laxmi Secondary School, Pyaphal, Kathmandu. She is a highly diligent and disciplined student and is always eager and curious towards learning new things. She has been a part of the scholarship program since 2017 after impressing our team during the EIC Sessions in 2016  and has continuously made the team proud with her excellent performance throughout this period. 

Before the introduction of EIC, an interactive learning program of Canopy Nepal, Anshu considered herself to be an introvert with lowered confidence and with very limited friends. Interacting with teachers and her friends was a nightmare for her that lowered her expression capacity. EIC really helped in breaking the ice of reluctance towards expression inside her, which increased her confidence and enabled her to interact with her teachers as well as make many friends. Recalling her memories on EIC, she mentioned, “Before EIC, it was difficult for me to interact with people, but now, the EIC program has capacitated me enough to be a part of huge debate programs that are taking place in school.”

Anshu during one of the workshops organized by scholarship team
After the completion of EIC, she placed her possibility of dropping out of school to her teachers after her father telling her, his incapability due to his financial background to support anymore on her studies. Being one of the toppers of the school with a good moral background, her school recommended her as a CANSHIP scholar. Remembering the selection process of CANSHIP, she states, “I always thought, I would never be selected in any scholarship programs and would be devoid of my dream of studying. My interview, I remember, was not that good as I was very nervous and I was pretty sure I would not be selected. However, interestingly, the CANSHIP selection committee selected me as a part of CANSHIP and I finally saw my dream of getting proper education becoming a reality. In the period of these two years, I have realized, CANSHIP is not just about access to school supplies or uniforms but is also about enhancing different skills based on our interest.” Anshu, being an active scholar of CANSHIP, has managed to be an important part of all the programs conducted by the team in the school. She believes the workshops conducted by CANSHIP in their schools such as Young Picassos and Book Club has turned her interest towards a platform to learn and explore. 

Summarizing her experience as a CANSHIP scholar and EIC member, she believes, Canopy Nepal is different than other organizations. Unlike the programs conducted by other organizations, Canopy Nepal tends to grow the scholars encouraging them to explore their potential thus boosting their confidence through different skill development projects. 
Anshu with other Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholars-CANSHIP at her school

*Based on a consented conversation with Anshu Chaudhary

Written By: Pransu Khakurel

Edited By: Mohit Rauniyar



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