Zero Waste ambitions of the Young Roots

Zero Waste ambitions of the Young Roots

Waste is undertaken as an environmental problem, but is often devoid of an argument that the issues in waste management also cause economic loss. Not only does improper waste disposal contribute to creation of greenhouse gas effects and cause significant harm to marine and wild life, but is also losing production efficiency and opportunities on cost reduction associated with purchasing raw materials achievable through recycling.
It is undeniable that reducing the production of waste is the ultimate procedure towards reducing pollution. But while reducing the production of waste is important, waste management also plays a vital role. As the quantity of waste generated is steadily increasing every year, it is getting more challenging to monitor and manage waste disposal. So it is upon the individuals to not only follow through safe, Eco-friendly waste disposal practices but also encourage others around them to do the same. Energy conservation and 'Recycling' are among two great ways to eliminate improper waste disposal.

'Young Roots' is a not for profit organization that promotes environmental wellness and takes action to aware people about environmental concerns and how people on individual and community level can take initiatives to help minimize environmental damage.
The organization has been working to mitigate the serious issue of waste management that we have been facing for a long time. The team is currently spearheading two different projects. 'Zero Waste Schools' forms an Eco-club in the schools, trains them on the practices of waste segregation by teaching students the power of the 5 R's, and focuses on reducing waste by distributing color-coded dustbins while teaching them to be aware of the types of waste they generate. Young Roots also promotes 'Zero Waste Homes' by conducting zero-waste workshops in different communities. This campaign trains them about the practices of waste segregation and encourages community participation to create a sustainable future.

Riya Basnet, Miss Nepal Earth 2019, who instigated the emergence of this organization, has been a crucial support in the success of the projects. Her initiation with a belief that they can be a part of a big positive change has touched over 100 households and aims to reach 400 more by the end of this year.

Managing waste disposal is not a task too big or too small. The habit of recycling, re-purposing and refusing materials that are no longer usable and will instead be sent to a landfill, can avoid risks to the environment, protect scarce resources, provide economic benefits and reduce dependency on raw material and non-renewable energy.

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