[ AUDIO ] LGBT+ & Allies Supporters New Year House Party by Kitty K - Interview

[ AUDIO ] LGBT+ & Allies Supporters New Year House Party by Kitty K - Interview

Nepal has leap forward on LGBTI + ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex) with time and there is much progress to be done. The move also has happened since a decade long from 2007 decriminalization to a lesbian couple living together opening for living together relationship to all gender. Despite all of that it took several years for Same Sex Marriage Committee to draft the Same Sex Marriage Report which was submitted to the Council of Ministers of the Government of Nepal on 9 February 2015. But, nothing has yet been enacted and its on due and may take more time as well. Whereas, Nepal has made a remarkable journey possibly the only country to have all three - inclusion of SOGIE ( Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) on three articles of the Constitution of Nepal ( after South Africa and Ecuador) and Others addition under gender category ( that would be mostly for Trans, Intersex,Gender non-conforming and others ) on the Citizenship and Passport ( after Australia and possibly New Zealand). With several allies and supporters advocating and from songs & movies on Lesbian and Gay leads as well as the wave of how things have revolved around is a great impression and an encouragement to motivation to many. 

Now, let's get back to the point the major intention of the blog post

Recently, early 20s yrs old from across Nepal came together to organize possibly Nepal's 1st LGBT+ & Allies Supporters New Year House Party. The house party will have drag show, drag lip sync battle, live music, runway, dance party and many more for the audience to engage. The organizers have left no stone unturned to make the best out of each moment one enters the house party venue that is Dolakha House on 31st December on the New Years eve day from 8pm onward itself. The program will go as long as the midnight and possibly extend with people joining. Each one entering will be involved in something or other and the organizing team came with an interesting idea for people joining to interact among themselves. I would put this as speed dating or speed meet up but again you won't know until you really come and attend the house party itself.  

So, couple of days back we took the opportunity to interview Himalaya Roadies Season 1 contestant and Kitty K Organizer - Prasot KC


Listen to the interview of entire team here -

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