[AUDIO] Exclusive Interview with Ashim Pandey the person behind Nepal's 1st Electric Motorcycle - Yatri Motorcycle

[AUDIO] Exclusive Interview with Ashim Pandey the person behind Nepal's 1st Electric Motorcycle - Yatri Motorcycle

Being fascinated with two wheelers & four wheelers at a very young age around his 6th standard Ashim Pandey, Founder and the person behind Yatri Motorcycles finally with a team of young enthusiastic engineers designed Nepal's 1st Electric Motorcycle/ Motorbike - Yatri.  

Ashim went for his undergraduate and postgraduate in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and worked with Forze Hydrogen Electric RacingaQysta, Formula Student Team Delft and Donkervoort. Professionally working for Donkervoort where he was involved in manufacturing hypercars,  Ashim back when he was 27 yrs old ( 2016) realized that it can be done back in Nepal with a good team and at the age of 30 yrs old (2019 ) that is what made his zeal turn into reality with Yatri Motorcycles

Listen to the Interview till the end as we unreveal more that you haven't heard

Envisioning to reinvent urban mobility, Ashim and team surveyed across Nepal and what they found was large audience where cautious about air pollution in context to urban mobility and congestion being the second among many others. The team was very sure to design and engineer a electric motorcycle that is not slow, ugly and doesn't corners to make a bold statement and challenge the status quo of Nepali product design. What they dreamt of was a elegant design that not just contributes to environment but also also ride with pride. 

Ashim and the Yatri team were sure that they won't compromise with their product design for a electric motorcycle. Speed comes at the first when one really looks into owning a motorcycle and that is also one of the reasons behind Yatri, with power flow of 30 kW powerful motor that delivers 40hp of 6kWh capacious battery that delivers 230 km in just one charge with a powerful on-board charger that charges the bike under 2 hrs. Isn't that really fast and most interestingly the team is working to charge your bike in just 20 minutes - " that's just like taking a tea or coffee break " as Ashim says Yatri being one of the few motorcycles in the whole world to do so. 

With all of that, the Yatri motorcycle reimagines the future of mobility with it's 7 inch full high definition display screen interface connected to your smartphone from Yatri Hub App Playstore | ioS) with real time data as  well with insights on how much fuel you saved out of your current ride and contributed on ecological footprint riding a electric motor cycle with pride. Not just that, the interface has navigation, data's related to all components of your bike and also a 24 hour service from Yatri team whenever required for servicing appointments, get reminders and even a pick up service.

Yatri Motorcycles will also share an open house opportunity for all the bike enthusiasts and well wisher to know their Yatri better, being held on March 2020. You can join, interact, know the team better and your Yatri motorcycle better as well as get a chance for a test ride of your own. 
Mohammad Ishtiyaq Rayi,Minister for Urban Development for the Government of Nepal
congratulates and shares best wishes to Yatri Motorcycles team

Minister for Urban Development, Mohammad Ishtiyaq Rayi during the launch of Yatri motorcycles said - 
" Before i joined politics i was also engaged in introducing the electric vehicles to Nepal's market and i see high probability for Yatri Motorcycles as an opportunity for urban mobility and share my best wishes to the team " 

Yatri Motorcycles as with their start will only have 50 Yatri Motorcycles. I would personally say by the time i was interviewing Ashim, the first Yatri Motorcycle was already taken by Nepal's known face Entrepreneur and a bike Enthusiast Saurabh Jyoti  

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Watch the Yatri Motocycles Video here

Make sure you listen to the entire interview 

that we took as we unreveal something that you haven't heard yet 

And YES! 

So far Yatri Motorcycle had been only and only tested and ride by Yatri team
 and well known Youtuber & Vlogger Sisan Baniya was one of the first people other than Yatri team to ride Yatri Motorcycles.

" I felt so privileged, emotional and connected while i rode Yatri Motorcycle knowing behind the hard work on designing the electric motor bike. 
Yatri is going to take Nepal known all around the world with this masterpiece.

I invite you all to be pride of this and talk about it everywhere. 

Talk about Yatri Motorcycle " - Sisan Baniya, Youtuber & Vlogger

 Here's his experience on the video

Also find the video by Nepal Drives before the launch 

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