My Experience as a Lekhaun Facilitator- Sampada Uprety

My Experience as a Lekhaun Facilitator- Sampada Uprety

Sampada Uprety facilitating in her class
To build a successful lever for myself, I have searched for experiences and opportunities all my life. During this search, I involved myself in the Junior Red Cross Circle of my school.  There I got several opportunities to visit various schools around Kathmandu Valley and conduct various activities with the children. While conducting the programs I started to develop my love for working with children. It made me realize that helping children by any means was what made my soul happy and that I can make a difference.
Right after I started pursuing my Bachelor’s degree, I came to know about Canopy Nepal through my classmate and I applied to volunteer as a facilitator. Soon I was called for an interview and a few weeks later I was getting trained to facilitate one of their programs ‘Lekhaun’.  Facilitating the students was a huge responsibility and as it was my first time working as a facilitator, it was quite challenging. Despite all the challenges, I enjoyed all aspects of the sessions. Working with the children and seeing them learn and grow was such a rewarding experience. The progress that the children made during the session brought a huge smile on the faces of our team members. The bond and the memories created during the 4 days long session will be something that I will always value.
Sampada Uprety  facilitating her classroom
I remember one particular incident where one student, Ipsha Baskota, cried during the last day of the session. This made me very emotional.  It caused me to acknowledge how innocent and pure these children are and the impact we can make on a child’s mind. Additionally, one of my students, Davis Maharjan posted my picture along with his own sisters on his social media expressing that I had guided and motivated him a great deal. I was so overwhelmed with all the love that I received from the students and I will cherish these moments for the rest of my life.
Our facilitator s after the session
While facilitating the Lekhaun session, I got a huge chance to grow as an individual and enhance my communication and leadership skills. I am very honored and grateful to have gotten such a great chance to work with children and help them achieve their full potential through the wonderfully designed programs. I look forward to exploring and learning new things with Canopy Nepal and help make a difference in children’s life through every endeavor possible.

Written By: Sampada Uprety (Canopy Nepal Facilitator)



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