GBG announced Yellow Nepal as GBG Stories Challenge Winner

A very proud moment to share and congratulate Yellow Nepal for winning GBG Stories Challenge.

Google Business Group (GBG) announced Yellow Nepal, the winner of GBG Stories Challenge this year among hundreds of stories submission form fifty different countries. Yellow Nepal passed the judging criteria of innovation, potential, sustainability, inspiration and company's vision. values and competencies with maximum public votes.

" We are enjoying the roller coaster journey of these six months and we will bring new opportunities for growing startup culture in Nepal." said Anish Shrestha, Co-founder of Yellow Nepal.

According to Anish, the success of Yellow Nepal to win GBG Stories Challenge has taken IT sector of Nepal into new level of international exposure.

"However, along with this victory Yellow Nepal has many responsibilities to work on. More than a winning the competition, I am happy to win and convince this new market. ",  he added thanking all the people who supported and voted for the competition.

Yellow Nepal is location based service mobile application based in Kathmandu. Yellow app provides list of nearby restaurants, discount offers and events in Kathmandu. Yellow Nepal is selected for the final round in Google Business Challenge.

The other two winners of GBG Stories Challenge were Mogo Reader from Srilanka and Imagina na Copa from Brazil.

When do you have an appointment with a psychiatrist?

When I said "I have an appointment with a psychiatrist", my friends gave me a weird look. I have even been in a situation where my friend tried to counsel me saying that every problem can be solved if we talk about it to other people; there's no need to make it a big issue and visit the psychiatrist. I could not resist but laugh. It took me long to convince her that I seriously had no problem then.

This is what one can commonly expect to hear in Nepal. If someone has an appointment  with a psychiatrist, it becomes a big issue and the assumptions range from  suicidal thoughts/attempts to mental illness. Agreeing that the patients of depression and mental illness like bipolarity, split personality disorder etc too visit psychiatrist, psychotherapists in most cases, general people too can arrange a talk with psychiatrist as a counselling session, Actually, we must,

The purpose of an appointment with psychiatrist need not always be illness. Apart from the state of depression or illness, whenever it feels empty or stressed or if you're not being able to make a right decision/choice, you are in need of a psychiatrist. All that I've found them to be doing is make you analyze your problem yourself, look for the possible solutions, compare them and make a right choice, all on your own effort. That sounds pretty useless but makes a great difference. Are you bored or want to have some intellectual talks? Is your life getting monotonous? Take an appointment with a psychiatrist. You won't regret. It will make your day or a week or possibly a month too.

Have you ever been to a psychiatrist? How do you feel about people visiting the psychiatrist? When do you have an appointment with a psychiatrist?

Support Yellow Nepal for Google Business Challenge

Yellow Nepal is location based service mobile application based in Kathmandu. Yellow app provides list of nearby restaurants, discount offers and events in Kathmandu. Yellow Nepal is selected for the final round in Google Business Challenge.

+yellowNepal Kathmandu  was founded by +Anish Shrestha  along with his team members Manisha Karmacharya,co-founder of Yellow Nepal,  Vaskar Shrestha, Madhusudhan Shrestha, Grishma Bajracharya and Merina Shrestha.

Talking with +View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई -  , Anish Shrestha, initiator of Yellow Nepal shares his story behind this venture -

Manisha Karmacharya, Erica Hanson from Google
 and Anish Shrestha
Anish did his schooling from Genuine School, Bhaktapur, ISC from +Kathmandu University  in Science and studied software engineering at Nepal College of Science and Technology.

He was a professional software engineer and had future plan to have his own company and develop app targeting young generations.

During his daily activities, he used to face problem of finding suitable restaurants and this was a common issue most of the youth are facing. Anish thought of developing application to solve this problem where people can find restaurants, events, offers as per the location from one place. He started Yellow Nepal along Manisha Karmacharya and other team members leaving his 3 and half years of job.

As per Anish, the challenges for Yellow Nepal as a new venture is to operate works and convince their product in the market. He says,
" With less working capital, working with a group of team members, developing app and convincing this new product in market is a huge challenge and it is not a easy job."

However, with changing environment of adapting technology and people getting busier, Yellow Nepal application can be in huge demand and success business venture. Moreover, this can be a new promotional platform for restaurants and event organizers.

Anish said that winning +Google Business Challenge by Yellow Nepal will take Information Technology sector into new and international level of exposure.

Let's support Yellow Nepal to win Google Global Inspiring stories contest by liking their video which will be counted as a vote. Each and every vote is precious. 

The deadline to vote is till 5th December.

Here is the link and video :

Know more about other finalist -

+Alina Prajapati is a Project team leader at +View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई -


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