Call for Change Makers Course Second Batch 2015

The call for dynamic, positive and inspiring youth for Change Makers Course 2015 is officially launched!!

A must grab limited seat opportunity if: You are YOUNG! You have eager to participate, learn and create social projects to address the striking issues our nation is facing! You want to be a part of the young LEADERS who make a CHANGE for a BETTER future in NEPAL! The Change Makers give you the opportunity to drive your dream launching its CALL for applications. Then the potential candidates are short listed for the round of interviews and selection process. The course will last for 1 months and it will cover theoretical classes, practical sessions and community work. GO to the link, check all the detailed information and APPLY before February 28, 2015, be selected and become a CHANGE MAKER !!

Process overview

Pre-selection: After receiving the application the pre-selection will be based on applicants interest for the course, learning possibility and commitment for the social change.
Interview: Then the selected applicants will be called for personal interview. Interview will focus on their personal background, professional interests and interest in course and community work.
Final selection: Only 9 applicants will be selected from interview. After the final selection they will be called for the admission.
Registration: Selected applicants will register for the course without registration fee.

Please visit the link for more details and to download the application form at:

Entrepreneurship Boot Camp 2015 Call for Applicants

Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum(NYEF) in association with U.S. Embassy Nepal | +usembassy kathmandu is organizing the Entrepreneurship Boot Camp in February. The camp will be held on the +Park Village Resort, Kathmandu from Feb 26-28, 2015.

The boot camp vision is to empower positive business thinking and entrepreneurial mindset. Under the theme of “Unleash your ideas” the camp targets people with a strong, demonstrable interest in opening or being involved in the business. Only 32 applicants will be selected with their ideas for 3 days residential program reviewing their application and business.

In pursuing entrepreneurship, the camp aims to provide participants with invaluable knowledge, experience to establish entrepreneurs and business leaders to provide inspiration and insights about idea, business strengths and sustainability.

This boot camp is a platform for youths who are passionate about solving society’s problems through entrepreneurship to realize their dreams. We will help them refine their ideas, provide startup space, connect them with mentors and potential investors. We will help aspiring entrepreneurs put their ideas to action. " said Ajay Shrestha, chairman of  NYEF Entrepreneurship Committee.

During the event, the teams will have intensive sessions on enhancing their understanding on new business venture, completing and presenting the business model canvas, with a particular emphasis on critical thinking process and financial planning. The panel of mentors will be assigned to help them in formulating and creating a strong business plan.

The Entrepreneurs boot camp will be a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to connect with seasoned entrepreneurs and experts.  The winning ideas from the participants will get an access to the mentors at NYEF and a chance to further imply the idea through NYEF’s Business Accelerator program. In an attempt to maintain a close-knit community and a healthy ecosystem of aspiring entrepreneurs, NYEF also expects to constantly follow-up with the participants and their business ideas.

The Entrepreneurship Boot Camp 2015 is NYEF’s one of the several programs that are organized to disseminate NYEF’s vision and mission to support the process of nurturing and growth of young entrepreneurs in Nepal.

To know more about the program, you can visit NYEF and or call Cheteze Tamang: 9841 578957

EQUALITY, a beautiful MYTH - Avas Karmacharya

"We all are humans, and we promote equality." "For the people by the people" "We don't believe in racism" "We are people's voice" "God loves everyone equally" and blah and blah and blah...Cut this crap, you ask me, for me in person equality is a beautiful myth that the people in strength, be it in terms of power, wealth or influence, created to keep the people confused. Equality is everything but an un-equality divided cleverly. It is as much true as the chapters of history, written and interpreted by those who were powerful and had access to impose ideas upon. 

The day the heads of the nations will stand between their public and experience the feeling of cluster-phobia, we shall talk about equality then. The day the bosses of the companies will share the same meal served to their junior clerks in their sophisticated receptions, we shall talk about equality then. The day the poorest have the first access inside the temples, churches, mosques, monasteries, and the wealthiest have to queue, we shall talk about equality then. The day geographies, ethnicity, cultural identities, races, color of the skin, economy do not differentiate humans from humans, come to me to talk about equality. The day monasteries turn the poorest, Churches do not divide the sects, Quran is not misinterpreted, Buddha is not named after a bar, Hindu priests become as much a worshiper as anybody else than the self proclaimed agent of the Almighty, we shall talk about equality. The day, the wealthiest at least starve for a day, despite the whole of the eateries staring at them, we shall talk about equality then. The day when humans will not need organizations that claim to protect their rights; the rights again for only those pitied and empathized or those who can be well marketed, we shall talk about equality. The day each of us will look at a stranger and will feel that they must have as many problems in their lives or at least more than yours, we shall talk about equality then. The day conversations, emotions, and affections are valued more than inventions and developments, we shall talk about equality.

 Until then, the word "equality" remains a beautiful myth to me defined and interpreted by those in the power of wealth, politics, religious mafia, and physical strength, who wants everything out of equality but not just the equality.

 I look at animals, envy them, and thank god, they do not have minds of humans to invent beyond necessary. They live for every day, they hunt to feed enoughly not to greedily store. All that their lives revolve around as I see is, birth, hunger, sex and death. Even, when they kill, they kill out of need or to protect, not out of greed, hatred or revenge. For the rest, they follow the trade of nature and luckily do not understand the rest of the commerce humans are into. 

To conclude, dear Lord, if you do exist and if there is anything such as reincarnation, I beg before you, do not repeat the same mistake again - do not reincarnate me as a Human!
+Avash Karmacharya via his personal Facebook Notes


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