EQUALITY, a beautiful MYTH - Avas Karmacharya

"We all are humans, and we promote equality." "For the people by the people" "We don't believe in racism" "We are people's voice" "God loves everyone equally" and blah and blah and blah...Cut this crap, you ask me, for me in person equality is a beautiful myth that the people in strength, be it in terms of power, wealth or influence, created to keep the people confused. Equality is everything but an un-equality divided cleverly. It is as much true as the chapters of history, written and interpreted by those who were powerful and had access to impose ideas upon. 

The day the heads of the nations will stand between their public and experience the feeling of cluster-phobia, we shall talk about equality then. The day the bosses of the companies will share the same meal served to their junior clerks in their sophisticated receptions, we shall talk about equality then. The day the poorest have the first access inside the temples, churches, mosques, monasteries, and the wealthiest have to queue, we shall talk about equality then. The day geographies, ethnicity, cultural identities, races, color of the skin, economy do not differentiate humans from humans, come to me to talk about equality. The day monasteries turn the poorest, Churches do not divide the sects, Quran is not misinterpreted, Buddha is not named after a bar, Hindu priests become as much a worshiper as anybody else than the self proclaimed agent of the Almighty, we shall talk about equality. The day, the wealthiest at least starve for a day, despite the whole of the eateries staring at them, we shall talk about equality then. The day when humans will not need organizations that claim to protect their rights; the rights again for only those pitied and empathized or those who can be well marketed, we shall talk about equality. The day each of us will look at a stranger and will feel that they must have as many problems in their lives or at least more than yours, we shall talk about equality then. The day conversations, emotions, and affections are valued more than inventions and developments, we shall talk about equality.

 Until then, the word "equality" remains a beautiful myth to me defined and interpreted by those in the power of wealth, politics, religious mafia, and physical strength, who wants everything out of equality but not just the equality.

 I look at animals, envy them, and thank god, they do not have minds of humans to invent beyond necessary. They live for every day, they hunt to feed enoughly not to greedily store. All that their lives revolve around as I see is, birth, hunger, sex and death. Even, when they kill, they kill out of need or to protect, not out of greed, hatred or revenge. For the rest, they follow the trade of nature and luckily do not understand the rest of the commerce humans are into. 

To conclude, dear Lord, if you do exist and if there is anything such as reincarnation, I beg before you, do not repeat the same mistake again - do not reincarnate me as a Human!
+Avash Karmacharya via his personal Facebook Notes

Remember our roots and start contributing - Subhash Ghimire at Cheers Talk

+Cheers Nepal successfully conducted 31st session of its motivating talk program-  +Cheers Talk, with +Subhash Ghimire. The program, attended by around 150, was held in DECC hall of United World Trade Center, Tripureshwor.

In the program, Innovator of the month, Subhash Ghimire speaked on his experience while studying in +Budhanilkantha School to graduating from +Harvard University.

He insisted that whatever position we be in, whichever country we go to, we remember our roots and contribute to our original place.
The chief editor of +Republica Daily mentioned that he is working, to shake authority off sleep and to insist them to take actions, via his paper. He also highlighted that Nepali people need to change their mindset and work out to bring positive change, rather than just complaining.

“If every students in our country be provided such motivation, I believe, they will be able to bring lots of positive change in future”, said Avinash one of the Cheers Talk attendees.

+Prem CN from +Cheers Nepal said +View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई -  that its working on Library establishment, Reveal your Power- motivation talk and meditation, to help high school students be stress free and confident other than its regular Cheers Talk.

Health Hazards know-how from Food

Food may be accidentally or deliberately contaminated by Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Hazards.
 Chemical hazards include environmental contaminants; heavy metals, mycotoxins, natural toxins, improper storage, veterinary medicines amongst.
Incidents have occurred because of poor harvesting or storage of grain, use of banned veterinary products, industrial discharges, human error and deliberate adulteration and fraud. Food poisoning occurs after eating food contaminated by bacteria. The symptoms of food poisoning are basically the same as those of stomach flu: abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. But if your child and other people who have eaten the same food all have the same symptoms, the problem is more likely to be food poisoning than stomach flu.

Health Hazards due to Pests and Pesticides
Pest such as rodents and insects cause contamination on food. Once they get into food they consume a lot of it. They leave filth, bodily secretions, insect, fragments and rodent hairs as well as disease bearing and spoilage micro organism.
1. Rodent. It includes rats and mice. A single rat voids10.000 dropping and 4 liters of urine annually, and 5lakhs of hairs. The kidney of these rodents have anorganism causes disease of the liver, it transmitted to man through food and water. Rats causes 35 diseases.
2. Insects. Such as beetles, weevils, borers, make short work of stored food like cereals, pulses and flours. They eat up the whole grains and in this process uric acid and an offensive odour and taste develop in the food.

3. Pesticides. Organic pesticides like DDT, BHC, malathin, pyrethrum are used but these leave behind on the food as a residue, the unchanged chemicals or their derivatives. These are toxic depending on the nature of potential killers, the maximum concentration of pesticide residue that is permitted in or on food is laid down by the P.H.A. Acute poisoning by DDT are rare but continued consumption of these may lead to chronic health problems.


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