Black Day in the History

Black Day in the History

With lots of high hope and eagerness, I had been there at New Baneshwor, CA Hall that  even the broken Constitution would be proclaimed within mid night of 27th May 2012. But all hope went in vain after reaching in front of CA Hall, even though some little portion hope was there, the top leadership of political parties remained busy in rounds of negotiations at Baluwatar and Singha Durbar, cross-party lawmakers demonstrated on the Constituent Assembly premises in New Baneshwor demanding resumption of CA business to resolve the contentious issues of constitution-writing. We left from there and sat infront of the TV, my fingers were in motion changing the channels, the situation was becoming worse. Praying for that it would be better if at least for the last time the CA Meeting should be conducted. The CA members were waiting for the time to call meeting though the top leaders were busy on blaming each other and pointing faults of other. I felt so sorry for that we have believed such leaders to be our representatives  to prepare our Constitution. We had elected a variety of leaders as the ca members, some are in the case of Murder, some are in the case of Rape, Some are in the case of misusing Red Passport, Some can be found in bar, some let their daughter to give their exam of SLC, Some don't know they need visas for foreign countries' visit, some slap others in case that she didn't got new car. We had elected wisely to make a full combination. Rather I would like to thanks them for teaching us  the lesson. I was somewhat surprised that the CA members were demonstrating against the Top leaders saying somewhat "Sambidhan Jari hunai parchha" even though they haven't pressurized top leaders any day except yesterday. If they would have done it regularly there would be surely proclaimed New Constitution. I am surprised with this Nepalese habit to work out hard at the end of the deadline. There would be some possibilities if they have shown their activity a day or couples of days ago. 
It have a huge losses and negative impact on the country as well as in the international status. The huge investment of every Nepalese were in it, in another hand we had been expecting some huge change and was in the sense of political stability. The International once again got the chance to prove us unsuccessful country. A huge support and good wishes were flourished via various countries and INGOs. I haven't forgot that some sort of Training and Computer trainings were given to them to develop their personal or individual skills. The International have loss their faith with Nepal due to this failure. 



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