Unity and Brotherhood Campaign among Nepali on FACEBOOK

Unity and Brotherhood Campaign among Nepali on FACEBOOK

Regarding the Bandhas on 10th & 11th May 2012, called by Chhetri Samaj, I was totally against those Bandhas. Calling Bandhas aren’t the intellectual way to protest against government. One day has the great impact on the economy of the country as well as on the various sectors. Coincidently for the same date my exam was to be held, hence considering the possible delay on that date, I had been to Bhaktapur one day before on 9th May 2012. After completing the exam that we with my two friends from Banepa decided to move on. We were misbehaved by the cadres of the Chhetri Samaj at Palache. I spoiled my anger on the Social Network Facebook against them. But later on I just regretted for what I had done.  On the same day I realized that we are creating the distance between us in the name of caste and race. I felt something that we should be proud of being Nepalese whatever the caste be. I immediately appended “Nepalee” in my Facebook name which got attention of some of my friends. I told them the situation and called them to join a campaign to put “Nepalee” on their Facebook Name. We ran this Campaign to develop the unity and brotherhood among us. Later on I found many of the friends put Nepalee, Nepal and Nepali on their name.
Some of the social icons have also supported us appending “Nepal”, “Nepalee”, “Nepalese” or “Nepali” on their Facebook Name. Some of the updates on the Faceboook I found:

Bimal Nepalee: Lecturer at Anglian College London (ACL)

Bishal Dahal Nepali : Founder of SCAN, Nepal

Sagar Dev Lakhe Nepali: Chairman & Founder at Sagar Group of Companies

Bikesh Prakriti Premi Nepali: President at Sanjivan (Revival)


Anil Keshary Nepal: CEO Mega Bank


Nepali Trilokeswor MallaManaging Director at Direction Nepal/Direction Exhibition & Convention Center

Menukaa Nepali Thaapaa: Founder and President at Raksha Nepal

Narayan Kayastha Nepalee: President of Leo Club Banepa(L.Y, 2011/012)

Gaurav Kandel Nepali : Youth Advisor at U.S.Embassy Youth Council Nepal/ Initiator-

Suraj Makai Shrestha Nepalee, youth activist and an engineering student has been raising issues human rights and youth issues. 



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