We would like to put forward some questions for teenagers!

Have you ever tried to step out from your comfort zone?  What do you want to achieve in your life? Have you ever done anything worth for society? Do you believe that teenagers can do something at an early age?

Yes, these questions might sound direct but true; Is there are some teenagers who are the actual change-makers? They are not just studying, but following their passion towards betterment of the society and the country as a whole. The work that they have been doing really impress each individual to think about their confidence and dedication in early age.

The interesting thing is as we can see, teenagers are becoming bold nowadays, they are more interested to link up to a constructive platform to grow themselves. The passion to be something and bring a positive impact in society has totally amazed us. Likewise, to recognize the teenager’s initiation Glocal Pvt. Ltd. has initiated Glocal Teen Hero.

Glocal Teen Hero is exclusively for the teenagers which recognize teenager’s initiation. It is a fully-funded program for Nepali Teenagers who are working to create a ripple effect in the society besides academics. Every year Glocal Teen Hero organize award event in 1st of September and recognize the passionate teenagers around the nation.

This year we received 598 total no. of application and among them 20 fantastic teenagers have been selected as an “Early Change Maker”. Top 20 is titled as “Glocal’s 20under20” of 2019. The 20 teenagers under the age of 20 years are the game-changers who have done something worth and have became an inspiration to others life. Glocal’s ‘20under20’ aims to recognize these enthusiastic young souls who have the vision to do something ordinary in the most extra-ordinary way possible. We believe in their dreams and want to acknowledge these diverse talents who hold the potential to be the change-makers and future leaders.

The prominent teenagers are selected from the diverse field and has marked as one of the inspirational personalities throughout the nation. The work they have been doing proves that age is just a number.  Some at the very small age, working for child rights activism, conducting awareness on Dowry system, Child labor, Untouchability, caste discrimination, etc. Some teenagers as a social activist working for the environment; introducing the green campaign, and some are working for the development of tourism in their place and also conducting awareness regarding Quality education. In addition to this, one of Glocal's 20under20 has been organizing campaigns regarding personal hygiene and maintenance and the other working on providing sanitary materials, food, and stationery, lifestyle, sports equipment’s for orphanages in Nepal to remove hunger and to improve the condition of children homes in Nepal. Our teens are not just the winners, but they have set up a great example in society. They are not just an activist but are leading the organization as Founder, running successful projects.

Moreover, there are teens working under specific SDGs Goals. The young teens are young entrepreneurs and some are tech educator. We also have winners who are young innovators who had even made robots and a new system which can be useful. These young minds are so creative and smart enough to handle the projects as a project coordinator. A teen as a conservationist, a teen as a role model in the society, a teen talking about issues of society being Radio Jockey, teens linked to media, teens who are the young innovator, software developers, etc. shows some of the features of what our Glocal’s 20under20 actually are. Likewise, some teens are also awarded by the titles which actually defines their exemplary role in the society.

Therefore, the teens have touched every field where they have proved “Age is just a number.” A teenager is a phase to discover what you are, what your life is about, and what you want to be as a person, after all, it is an intense phase. But despite the intense age, the teens are able to do something impactful work in society.

Glocal Teen Hero Nepal

Glocal Pvt. Ltd. is a company which works as online media, CSR and Brand consultant, also focusing on training and development through the recognized body; Glocal After School and adding to growth and development of entrepreneurship and youth through various projects like Glocal Teen Hero and Glocal International Teen Conference.



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