Support the Epitome Project

Support the Epitome Project

The Epitome Project is a new kind of music residency in KTM. This kind of project has never been implemented before.
The project initiated by The Music Foundry aims to empower local musicians and encourage them to create original music.

We will take 3 committed bands/songwriter and give them opportunity to play twice a month with a monthly stipend up to 3 months which will be the duration of the project. Additionally every month they will have to create a new original Nepali number. In this manner the bands/songwriter get a platform for exposure as well as confirmed paid gigs for 3 months, the city of kathmandu get 18 confirmed live music shows for 3 months and ultimately the contemporary live music scene of Nepal gets to add fresh 9 original Nepali songs to their library.

So, to make this happen, we are seeking a grant from Right now out of the
  146 ideas that were submitted for this $5000 grant 
we are at Second Position (#2). 
(We have been bouncing back between #1 and #2 the whole time).

 We need more people to VOTE for this PROJECT over the next very few days so that when the voting closes, we will be at #1. We'll use the money we get from this competition to pay musicians.

We'd really appreciate your support in getting people motivated to vote.
Voting is really easy- they need to:

1. Go to
2. Fill in their real email and make up a username and password (skip Zip Code, its not necessary)
      log in via their Facebook
3. Click to vote for the project
4. Confirm the link they will get in their email (check the Spam folder if you don't see it in the inbox)

Keep on voting and share this to as many as you can . Let us make this happen . The Epitome Project Rocks !!!



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