Unite For Good ( Short Film )

Unite For Good ( Short Film )


A film made by : Sujan KunwarStory by : Sujan Kunwarand edited by : Sujan Kunwar 

I made this film with a cannon power shot ( Digital Camera ) 

When I was 16 years old I made this film ( footage) . But I had not much of knowledge in computer and editing,  I did not do anything with that footage.
 When I got 18 and more I learn editing from  YouTube and other online websites. 
So I had already made a short film wiht that footage I show to a friend of mine " Sailendra Dongol" 

The clip is below 

I think he liked this one. So after a year we had still  contact, there was a "Hamro Short Film Festival " 
he and his friend select the film in that film festival as a film made by the youngest director... I was very happy. 

About the Story of the Short Film 

All character in the film are my brothers and family member. I had a camera , in where we can shot the film and make it work in slow motion. I told my brother to jump from a high hill and he did. We look in the camera in slow motion , it looked pretty good.
This inspire us to make this film. 
And I am happy with that. 

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