World's attention at Nepal on Human Development Conference 2012

World's attention at Nepal on Human Development Conference 2012

What brings your attention in the midst of all the change makers and development revolutionaries. For sure, conferences that drags your thoughts and whirls your mind to think about the action towards development. 

With the motto of Working together towards unleashing and promoting human capacity for sustainable development brings you together to 

The Institute of Cultural Affairs International has hosted conference with focus to human development and re-emergence of civil society bringing together large communities from all around the world from diverse walks of life for the uniqueness on its own of the practical sharing approaches in the conference. ICA-I with its every conference and 8th Global Conference in Nepal aims on interchange, dialogue and designing creative responses to particular areas of concern in the society. More over, an interactive conference will run for 5 days including a day visit with core focus to the 6 major themes on
  • Growing a New Sense of Leadership
  • Reshaping Education for the 21st Century
  • Promoting Peace Building and Good Governance
  • Building a Viable Future Planet Earth
  • Building Strategies for Comprehensive Development
  • Resourcing Human Development.
ICA with its first conference held at New Delhi, India in the year 1984 on " International Exposition of Rural Development -IERD" had participation from over 55 nations around the world including 30 NGOs from India itself. Started with the theme to find approaches that work in development had its last conference in the year 2008 at Takayama, Japan on "Unlocking the Potential to Create a New World Together" that brought together people from diverse walks of life including civil society, government, academia, and the private sectors from around 40 nations. This year the conference secretariat being ICA-Nepal has expected it to be large including the importance of its Pre-Conference programs, Youth Conference and Capacity Building Training while post conference events including sightseeing trips and trekking etc.

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