1 Percent Premiered

1 Percent Premiered

Its 1st of December and as everyone knows with the popularity of the date itself well known as World AIDS day. But for many who have been waiting for 1st December also for the premiere of one of the most widely popular short film before its release itself and that is not other than 
The short film has been written, edited and directed by  Navin Awal while the cinematography has been done by popularly known Cinematographer Sushan Prajapati. The movie has been produced by Navin Awal and Arun Khamu from Silhouette Media Pvt. Ltd. & Twentyfirst Communication Pvt Ltd. Starring Karun Ojha, Samuna Kc, Asish Luitel  & Subash Karki the short film has already been premiered at one of the recent short film festival. While, the producers and directors wanted to release it world widely through Youtube on the occassion of World AIDS Day. While, if you would like to organize a charity show and a special screening you can always contact the View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई - team or 1 Percent Team 
Before, you watch the movie we share you an opportunity to know what Navin Awal has to say about 1 Percent with a short interview by us with him just before the release.

For past few years I had been directing tv commercials and docudramas but beside that I was also practicing and studying film making through books and the internet and learning from my mistakes . And this year somehow I thought I should test my ability in film making . So I wrote and directed 1 Percent with the efforts I would put while making a feature film so that I could see if I'm ready for feature films yet. 

Our core message from the movie is on HIV/AIDS which isn't the actual disease which we fear of. Rather, our problems lie on the unemployment, social unrest, the most growing and uncontrolled sextrade being the main threats as well. Being a director, i have tried to put some light on the window period which most of the youth are unaware of.

It depends upon how my viewers will like my work .My viewers' responses will decide if ill make a short film or a feature film. While, i have started writing on three different genres.

With no more delays now we allow you to watch the most awaited short film.

Share your feedbacks of the movie on the comments or at the official facebook page of 1 Percent. 



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