BAL UTSAV International Talent Hunt

BAL UTSAV International Talent Hunt

The chill of winter comes along with the delight of winter vacation. It is an ideal time for students to get over studies, make new friends and work on their areas of interest-like music, vocal, arts, dancing, photography etc. which do not usually fit in the hectic core curriculum.

Bal Utsav-Celebrating Talent, a talent hunt event provides such opportunity for the students.

BalUtsav- Celebrating Talent is an annual event of YES! Club Nepal and it stands up as a platform for talent exposé for kids and youths of the age group 8-18years. Bal Utsav focuses on the overall development (mental, physical, academic) of the participants. The basic objective is to carve the participants’ personality through means of seminar, workshop, adventure camps, Involvement in Community Activity (Sewa) and many more.

BalUtsav was initiated in Nepal after immense success of Grishma Mahotsav, similar event organized in India by Art of Living India.

Bal Utsav started in 2010 in Nepal and has been getting bigger and better ever since. The portfolio success has been huge as countries like South Africa and New Zealand have organized similar Talent Hunt program there.

Bal Utsav –Celebrating talent is a Talent Hunt which aims to alter students  who are talented in Music, Dance and Vocals, groom their skills and provide an ideal platform to stage their talents. It is strictly a talent hunt and not a competition, as it does not have winners but ambassadors in the respective fields.

Every year BAL UTSAV Ambassador in Music, Dance, Vocals and Arts are felicitated who get an opportunity to contribute to the society with their skills and also bear the responsibility to hold the Bal Utsav program for the following year-a trend that has been followed till date.

Event details:
Bal Utsav is a event  that is organized by youths(5 members in the organizing team all below 20). Alina Prajapati 2011 Bal Utsav Ambassador in Vocal is leading the project.

Bal Utsav- Celebrating Talent (5-20th January 2013)  

8-13 years(5th -20th Jan)                14-18 years(9th-20th Jan)

*Art Excel                                        *Yes! Course
Music /Vocal                                   Music/Vocal
Art                                                   Art
Dancing                                           Dancing
*Spell Smart                                    *Mathemagic(VedicMaths)
Wall Painting                                   Photography
Mathemagic                                    Adventure Camp
Craft                                                *Youth Interactive Series
Fun with Studies

Art Excel (All Round Training in Excellence - For Kids 8-13 years old)  
which is an International Course presented in a practical and fun format. It helps children of to develop personal skills and gives platform to groom their potential.

YES!(Youth Empowerment Seminar- For teenagers 14-18 years old)
This course tones the body, relaxes the mind, sharpens the intellect, improves memory and increases joy. It also helps empower one to deal with negative emotions and stress, communicate effectively and increase confidence, mental focus and happiness. The YES! Course is also offered as a credit or non-credit program at world renowned Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Spell Smart
International Course accredited by the Core Knowledge Foundation, Virginia
to be facilitated by Hopscotch Edutaintment

A fun and innovative class where children play competitive spelling based games with a running score-board, with the aim of improving the child’s quality of English spellings by introducing him/her to Phonetics and regular spell-checks. Each class will have the SpellSmart team-games played and a running cumulative team-score-board. There would be a regular Spell-check for the children based on sounds and phonetics. They will also play ‘word formation’ rounds, ‘hangman’, ‘word-relay’ and ‘story formation rounds’. Innovative new games and activities are constantly introduced to keep the children’s interest alive and use new methods to promote learning.

Mathemagic (Integrated form of Vedic Math)
Its a course that is going to make you love math. It removes math phobia with stress free techniques and simple methods

Youth Interactive Series
The series will happen daily with new people coming in as on the HOT SEAT to interact with the teenagers and youngsters and share their experiences. Some session could be such as: Education & Career Prospects, Revolution in New Media, Youth Ambassadors and Representation at Organization. The series will be focusing more on our potentialities and how we can BE A PART OF CHANGE!

Date : 5 – 20 January,2013 ( 21 Poush – 7 Magh,2069 )
Time: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Organiser: YES! Club World Nepal, The Art of Living
Venue:   Dil Niwas,New Baneswor,Kathmandu,Nepal
(Behind Nanglo Bakery Cafe/Everest Hotel)

9808675895 (Alina Prajapati)         9849323262(Arun Upreti)
9808530042(Pritul Jung Karki)      9803147991(Grishma Koirala)
9815623852(Suraj Gautam)

       Arun Upreti is a medical student, aspiring writer, social activist, and a cricket enthusiast . He works as news analyst in Cricnepal. He is also a part of the organizing team of Bal Utsav 2013.



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