Open source software- a greater cause than just free software

Open source software- a greater cause than just free software

Let’s get to the literal meaning first.
Source code is a myriad of lines of code that make the software of concern. Open source software has its source code available for viewing, copying, editing, and even distributing. Common such software includes Mozilla Firefox (internet browser), Ubuntu (Operating System for PC), etc.
Wait! It gets more interesting.
Open source software might sound more like “free beer”, but actually “free speech” is more like it.
It’s not (just) about getting software for free, but having a full freedom to do anything with the software. You can use the software to learn codes, to develop a new one for yourself, or help others do the same.
But it doesn’t stop here.
Open source software is a social movement. It’s a worldwide community of free-willed enthusiasts contributing for what they believe in.
Here’s how this works.
An Open source software is released. Bugs are found. The problem is solved by whoever in the community can. (Simple mathematics says – larger the community, greater are the chances for the bug to be fixed.) When customers are not satisfied with the product, many more softwares are available to choose freely from. No loss of money! Power to the end user is restored.
In the anti-universe:
A big name hires some geniuses for a job. Codes are locked behind more obscure codes. User pays to use the software. User pays more solve the problem caused by resident bug/s. Switching to another software would mean a loss of money invested before. Monopolies grow. End user loses power.
In case you are wondering, YOU are the end user.
What does it have in store for us Nepalis?
Most of us, at one point of time or another, have used pirated software because we had no other option available then. Open source software movement can be more useful to us than most countries of the world.
Maybe it’s about time we switch to GIMP instead of running a pirated copy of Adobe Photoshop.
On an ending note, as we all know – Sharing is caring.
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