Kathaa is a symbolic presentation - Gaurav Kandel

Kathaa is a symbolic presentation - Gaurav Kandel

"Today's youth take it as a story of Kumari and Kancha ", Timothy Rai who plays the role of Sonam says this that drags the story ahead which really depicts the story of the movie Kathaa indeed. As i had this whirling in my mind what could make everyone think just after watching this symbolic presentation of Prashant Rasaily - for me i had really no words to say as the character Kumari depicts, its just the feeling that arises from within you.

Don't expect me to write a review of the movie but i have some to share on the movie. Rasaily with his second directional "Kathaa", has played a lot with imagination and the emotions indeed. He indeed has experimented a lot in this movie. Rather than the movie narrating you a story, you yourself will take the story ahead for the movie. I would prefer saying that Kathaa has met the aspirations of the natives of Hindu Kush Himalayan region. With Prashant's movie, there are new opportunities for people to excavate that the stories doesn't lies in the metro's and cities - urb's and sub'urbs but can also reach to places like Gnathang where the 14 days shoot of Kathaa had an amazing script to share you. Don't ask me what the story is and what are the pro's and con's of the movie but need to say the director and the editor must had a hard time to cut the shots as i see some time lapse and jump's too. The story somewhere goes smoothly while somewhere takes a frog's leap as well. Usha Rajak and Saugat Malla have played an amazing role and have given the life to the characters Kumari and Kancha though there's an end as Prashant with his song says "Farkiyera Aaudaina kathaa baki huncha".

Kathaa indeed made me remember some scenic beauties of Nepal and i was glad to see the beauty lied in the high regions of Sikkim as well. With Bhutia's production and Rasaily's direction i hope in days ahead our feature directors will opt to streamline thier stories based on such regions. Kudos ! to Prashant indeed to think deeply about such amazing story which is hard to be shot. Also, praiseworthy work by Sailendra without which the movie would have been tasteless, you will surely praise the cinematography part of the movie.

So, let's not wait move ahead as i did join for the special screening for a social cause by Yuwa Udaan, Kathaa and Qfx Cinemas. Thank you to the team for such wonderful gift.



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