Action Shorts On Rise : Sujan Kunwar

Action Shorts On Rise : Sujan Kunwar

Its been a long time that I haven't post anything at.
As I was travelling around the country especially in the Mid-Western Region of Nepal - Jumla. Its a amazing place. I love this place. 

 PHOTO : Sujan Kunwar
View of Jumla from Near the Airport

Even people from Jumla are happy when it snows. But the next day they have very taught time cleaning the roads, the rooftop of the house. 
PHOTO : Sujan Kunwar

lets get to the topic!!!
I have been making some shorts since then in a batter way I guess.
Here is one I made  for fun.
I collected some local boys from Jumla and make a short action and comedy sequence.
its called the Jumla Gang. 

After that I come to Pokhara and made a another short : Punte Don
As I was just resting the little Kishan knock the door. I let him in. I was board so I asked him to tell me a Joke. It was a very funny joke what he told me . And its kind of gave me some idea in my head. So I asked them to do what I say . And they did . 
And this is the result. 

And went to Kathmandu and made another : Monkey Don

its fun in Kathmandu
The story here is that there are two Innocent boys talking about their exam. some other guy come and rob their mobile-money.
and when they return crying they meet the Monkey don. 
and for more please do watch. 

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