Kanchan Amatya at 3rd CGI U Commitments Challenge

Kanchan Amatya at 3rd CGI U Commitments Challenge

"Today’s generation of young people holds more power than any generation before it to make a positive impact on the world."
Bill Clinton, 42nd President of United States of America

Before we tell you much about Kanchan Amatya and her commitment at the 3rd CGI U Commitments Challenge, let us aware you about  

Clinton Global Initiative University 2013 Commitments Challenge

The Clinton Global Initiative University - CGI U Commitments Challenge is a competition of ideas from college and university students. Each CGI U commitment in the bracket was chosen based on its unique and innovative approach to addressing a pressing global challenge. In this competition of social innovation, enterprise, and sustainability, winners advance each round based on the number of votes received.

This year, on the 3rd Annual CGI U Commitments Challenge, 

16 University with the representatives are competing on the the four major commitment areas.

Kanchan Amatya, currently a student from The University of Oklahoma has shared her commitment on

Sustainable Fish Farming Project

Kanchan says 
" My CGI U Commitment to Action, the Sustainable Fish Farming Project, is a micro finance initiative that will provide 500 families in my home country of Nepal with funding to start their own fish farms. I will give loans to villagers at a five percent interest rate and will partner with local NGOs to provide training's on fish farming techniques. Using existing ponds and rice paddies in the region, I hope to build an enterprise that will bring both financial and nutritional stability to the Dhading District of Nepal. "
Kanchan is on her Quarter Final Round which ends on April 1-2013, Your vote will lead Kanchan Amatya to Semi Final Round for 4 Commitment Category Challengers and finally 2 from these and then one of them would be the winner.

Kanchan Amatya has made her mind and participated for this challenge now you need to share your committment to her and vote for her for the Quarter Final Round, Semi Final Round and Final Round 

Your each VOTE will make her count reach higher and as your commitment support to her for the CGI U Commitments Challenge and finally with all your votes Kanchan Amatya with your support can make her commitment true by being announced and congratulated by President Clinton on April 6th at the Closing Plenary session of the sixth annual CGI U meeting and win the 3rd CGI U Commitments Challenge.

Screen shot of the Kanchan's Challenge featured on the website of CGI U
CAMPAIGN and your VOTEs for Prosperous Nepal -

1) Upload the Photo on your Timeline, your Groups, pages on Facebook, Tweet it on Twitter, Instagram it, Google+ it (TAG -  all your Friends who can share to others on - @ Facebook, @ and # on Twitter, + and @ and several others )

2) Organize campaigns in your college, organizations, clubs - Take your Laptops, Notebook, Note pad and others and ask people to vote instantly

3) Just don't only VOTE --- VOTE for the COMMITMENT 
             Kanchan's Project will change 500 families life and a new revolution in DHADING through Sustained Fish Farming Project. 

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