Children Peace Concert 2013

Children Peace Concert 2013

On the occasion of World Children's Day, Chisopro-Nepal organized" Children Peace Concert 2013" for solidarity of children.Children from Bal Kendra, Home of New Hopes ( NAG ), APC Nepal, Child Heaven International, Voice of Creative Disable Nepal, Trikaal Academy performed various cultural dances, patriotic songs .This event was supported by Himalaya Television and International Organization for Migration(IOM) and held at 1905 restaurant, Kantipath, Kathmandu.This program was initiated and organized by Baby John from Chisopro-Nepal who is an Afro-French singer.

Even the so called disabled people in wheels danced and sang songs. I really thought that they were extraordinary more than us after watching dance performance by one legged woman. The audiences were from different countries mainly foreigners. This was concert for children but people of all ages enjoyed this show.Children from different nationalities got chance to get together and expand network of friendship and brotherhood.At the same time, as all performances were cultural,foreigners enjoyed the opportunity to know about Nepali art and culture. To some extent Nepal was promoted for its rich traditions.
Different children rock band,orchestra was performed in concert. In one side,this peace concert was one gloden platform for children to show their talents. All children sang peace song with singer Baby John .  In the name of solidarity or charity for children concept, commercialization is increasing rapidly along with corruption in our country. In contrast, this was a complete non-profit children peace concert with free entry and no ticket charges.

The saddest thing I felt is that peace projects and events like this should be initiated by Nepalese itself and unite together instead of fighting each other in the name of caste,religion,power.We should spread awareness of peace and stop corruption,unwanted strike and demands. However,instead of Nepali citizen, Afro-french person created this solidarity events and flourished awareness.

Now, it is time to awake, unite, raise voice and take action for peace,have mutual understanding instead of  violence.

Alina Prajapati is an enthusiastic writer and passionate singer who loves working in social projects and volunteering. 



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