Youths and Brain Drain

Youths and Brain Drain

It is said that youths are the pillars of a nation and changes are hardly possible without their contribution. Hence it’s pity that college- and university –level students don’t show interest in politics. They loathe politics and politicians.

As a result, most of students specially those of urban area after accomplishing their intermediate level prefer to go to US, Australia, the UK, Canada and other Western countries for their higher education. They work hard in foreign lands during their youth. They help the host countries to prosper. Most of them don’t return while some come back when they are old and frail. This is a serious and dangerous trend. The following diagram gives an account of number of people going abroad for different purposes.

Today’s issue is not only about youths willing for higher education in first world countries. According to Foreign Employment Department, 2,081,205 Nepalese citizens are aboard for employment till fiscal year 067/068. Nowadays, 1000 youths are going to foreign employment each day of which 1% is skilled manpower. At least one family member are absent of 53% households of Nepal. Out of which 26% of household are residing outside country. 56% of households are receiving remittance and 70 % of remittance is used in consumption. Contribution of remittance to GDP has increased to 23 % form 20% in 2067 B.S. These statistics portray our dependency on others and status of brain drain. There is no doubt on constructive role of remittance on poverty reduction and achievement of Millennium Development Goals in short run. But this trend is sure to make Nepalese economy more vulnerable in long run.

It’s high time the government and other development agencies brought out some programs to hold back the energetic and progressive youths of the country.


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Blogger Suraj Dhakal, a student of Development Studies is a youth activist who aims to work  as a global change maker.



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