I know you exist.
the tenderness of your smile.
the warmth of your palms.
the comfort of your words.
the melody of your voice.
I know they are preserved.
In the recesses of my memory.
in the tome of history.
they are discussed.
like a folklore of genghis khan.
they are sung,
like an arabian lullaby.
they are recalled.
like a day when gallants are born.
You own those memories.
perhaps,I owe you to them.
They are penny for my hungry soul.
prayers to awash all my fouls.
the leaping of my saddened heart.
the spring of merry and mirth.
yes,you exist.and your beauty too.
i peek it in the mirrors of my soul.
I marvel,how beautiful you are.
your blush,that blazes like a fire.
yes,you exist.
so is the reason of my existence.
yes you are sound and happy.
that brings me glare of ecstasy.
I shall see you in those mirrors.
though blurred at times,it may be.
though blurred at times,it may be.

Sameep Khanal "Sam" loves writing poems on truth and beauty also likes travelling,reading novels,talking about metaphysics... Get connected with him through his blog post. 

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