To have a human pet

To have a human pet

“I love to have dogs” one of my friends said.

“Dog? I prefer cats instead” My another friend shared his choice for the pet.

Next, it was my turn. I did not know if I really wanted to share. I am not the one who want to have dog for its loyalty and cat for its “affection”, as my friend said. I wanted something different. After thinking for a moment, I told that I want a human pet. My friends burst into laughter. They made a fool out of me. But, I want a human pet because of its qualities that many pets have.

If tamed properly, humans are the loyal pets. They are very devoted to the works you assigned and try to complete it effectively. They don’t even raise “Wh” questions for your tasks. They will do their work regardless of the positive or negative effects on others.  

Let’s consider the political leaders of Nepal. They are the trainers, best human-trainers. With different political strategies, they can brainwash people or society or country. So, they make their supporters very loyal to them creating the situations of up rise whenever they would love to. The “trained” people also follow the orders without having a sense of it; they show the loyalty as the dog would show. Those supporters who don’t follow the orders are the ones who are not trained.

Human pets can increase the power of the owner of those pets. They protect us from the danger and also help a lot to deal with any problem, positive or negative. The more human pets we have, the more power we get. That is the single reason politicians have great power here in our country itself. No one can go against them because there are thousands of supporters who are loyal to them. 

Humans have a better understanding of other humans. They show love and affection better than anything on earth. I saw a Bournville chocolate advertisement in the TV that had a catchy presentation where a girl thinks that her cat gave her the “love mark” by scratching in her hand. She is foolish enough to think the angry scratch to “love mark”. This happens due to the language gap. Cat does not understand the human completely and human does not understand the cat language in anyway. So, having human pets is the best deal as we know affection and hatred. The only reason for supreme power of politicians is that they deal with the people of same language. They feel easy to show affection and get a huge outcome afterwards.

Human can be a better pet than other animals. They are the amalgam of qualities found in other pets. They are loyal. The good trainer is always successful to make a loyal pet that follows the good and bad orders without hesitating. Having human pet also increases the owner’s power. An individual can do any task if there are many people helping him. That provides him immense power. Human have a good understanding level. We have same language that makes a healthy communication. However, to have a human pet is not my new invention. It started with the outset of human civilization. It is still continuing in different ways. Actually, I would say to have a human pet is a trend.

Sujil Maharjan is a young social entrepreneur, an activist and an emerging author. He expresses the facts of the society in a different way. 



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