Every morning he woke up and saw a bright face on his mirror.He was really proud of what he had done the other day and what he was ready for that day.He then cooked the meal for himself and his family.Only then he washed his face and got fresh because it was the peace in his home that mattered rather than his personal hygiene.
He wanted to make friends but, the thing that really made him happy was the activity which was taken away from him since his childhood,i.e.,his freedom.He was just six years old when he was admitted in his school's hostel.He was the only boy of his age group.The hostel housed about 10 people(including the wardens) who were all quite busy to spend time with their fellow kid.Since,then he felt lonely,scared of what lies ahead of him.Even today,Staying all alone in the sitting room,watching movies and eating junk foods were only the things he loved doing.He always wanted that nobody ever disturbs him and leaves him alone in where his heart was content.
One day,this boy is approached by a saint who requests for some financial aid or some donations.The boy simply by reflex goes to the kitchen,takes a mug and fills it with the rice and pours it entirely on the saint's pot.He then feels quite happy about it because he helped the needy in some way possible.This happens for certain years.Then, one day it struck to him that why do the saints from pashupatinath simply roam from one place to another,one city to another,one house to the other,etc.To find his answers he even had conversations with few saints.There reasons were quite obvious,i.e.they have dedicated their lives to the lord and no earthly pleasures are of any interest to them because people here are mostly weak and feeble to work,the authorities of the temple have not created enough incentives for the entire saints and the needy people.then he thought of an bold idea to create few fundraising event for helping them.These events were never disclosed by him.He knew the time wasn't right.But, he promises to share it in his next posts.



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