The Last Monarch : The Rise and the Fall of the Shah Dynasty

The Last Monarch : The Rise and the Fall of the Shah Dynasty

Almost all the documentaries are worth watching.... I did have a hard time understanding all those typical Nepali words but yes, the subtitle helped alot though it always loses its value on words when translated.

There are so many things that is left unsaid in this 240 yrs of ruling. Why was Nepal United ? the main reason for Nepal to be united seemed to have lost  it's value as soon an Prithvi Narayan Shah dies.. and the documentary answer the whys for you.

The two things that kept me thinking were:

1.  The blame for the fall of  the Shah Dynasty is Gynendra himself. May be or may be not. I dont feel like drawing a conclusion on what they said cause in-between those lines, there are so many things that has been kept away from the public and its a known fact that when a person gets power, esp to rule, the addiction is not easy to let go. By this I'm pointing out my fingers on the democrats and the Maoist but may be, just may be it might have been Gyanendra himself too.

2. The Royal Massacre. There has never been a situation in Shah dynasty where the whole family is killed till June 2001's massacre. There should have been something that kept people away from not wanting to dig through who did it? Why weren't any professional investigation done right after the crime? Why was there a rush to have the bodies cremated?

I don't quite remember his name, but he did make a point when he said; how can Late prince Dependra kill himself from the left while he is a right handed? It would have made more sense if he had pulled the trigger from the right side of the head than the left. So there are so many things that explains otherwise, but whats saddening is, it was concluded with a stupid firing of bullets.

Years passed by, and basically no one confessed. The question still stands "Who is responsible?". As far as the fall of Shah dynasty is concerned, I believe that Gynendra cant be blamed solely to have himself dethroned!

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