NEFTA 6th Annual Awards and my thoughts on Nepali Movies

NEFTA 6th Annual Awards and my thoughts on Nepali Movies

Rumor has it that the 6th NEFTA Annual Awards would take place in Malaysia. My first reaction was Seriously? The platform for Nepali Cinema has always been thin, by which I mean, the actors aren't given the proper treatment nor respect they deserve , the story-lines of the Movies has always been “Bakwas” (for most of the movies) and hence forth. By saying so, I’m only talking for myself and no one else.

Back to the award show; Why abroad? Why take the money out of the country? Is Nepali Cinema highly appreciated to be doing award shows off the country? Do you think it’s worth it? I know I know, before I pull every strand of hair on it, I do have to look at the other side of the coin. But, it really did make no sense to me, even if it meant that the audience for Nepali Cinema is better or larger there.

The issue still stays for those people who would be going, on how they would be entertained there? Will they be treated well? Or in other words, would they be placed in a cramped up place or a decent hotel for a change? The bottom line is, we all need RESPECT and everyone deserves it !

I see no point in wasting money abroad, and my discussion on it still continues,  even if, the award show is to host in Malaysia would grow the Film industry. My argument would always be: how will the Film industry grow, if Nepal isn't? May be I’m just being too cynical about it, may be it would turn out alright. But you never know!

For all those Nepali movies I've watched, LOOT was the best yet I felt it was a copy of some Hindi movie but with a little twist.  Sano Sansar was a copy of a Korean movie but for me, it was executed well and I don’t mind watching it again. They said: “You should promote Nepali Cinema, stop piracy, go to the theaters and watch”. I did it all, till I could. One after another was nth but a disappointment to me. I have literally found myself sleeping in a Cinema hall and that is not why we go to the Theaters, do we?

All in all, I hope the NEFTA goes well, I have nothing against them. Same goes to the Film Industry of Nepal, for a better content to watch than to sleep on it.

p.s. I somehow think that, when nothing works, Nepali Films tried putting in SEX, or any x-rated content just to have it sold off. 

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