Bloggers Awake!!!!!

Bloggers Awake!!!!!

Ideas are free!

Yes, ideas are free. We humans tend to restrict ideas by putting barricades: barricades of patents, copyright or simply shutting our mind. But what we should all know is we should let it flow. We should let the ideas flow and let it originate. Obviously, you would share "bulb glowing" ideas. But why would you let other ideas die? You think they are stupid? Who are you to put judgement on your own mind?

I had come across a statement while reading something about ideas. This statement make me wander. "Where do creativity come from? It comes from you. It comes when you share your idea with other people. It comes from conference room, from discussing failures and mistakes. It comes when you collaborate. You collaborate your stupid idea (if you think your idea is stupid) with someone else's idea (which you think is stupid). That is when you create a masterpiece." - I did not say statement. I must have improvised from something I have come across in past few days. I just let it flow. ( Don't quote me on the statement, I am not credible)

So, what encouraged me to write this post? Before looking for answer for that think about this.- Why was cups (with handles)  invented? Let your mind flow. Come up with ideas. And share it with your friends, your colleagues, your teachers or anybody who will listen to you. You never know, if you spark to your unconscious intelligence. Ideas encouraged me to fire on my computer and type this post in the middle of the night. I am high on coffee and its Sunday night. I am trying hard to finish stuff for classes tomorrow. But I did not want to stop the ideas coming out of mind. I wanted it to flow.

This blog wants you to realize your choice. View- look into yourself and make an evaluation of how you are doing. Have you shut your mind off. Don't lie, you have!

Do you use colors, or paint or draw? Did you stop? Did you used to play with colors as a child? Why did you stop? Because someone told you that it was stupid or because you found something worthwhile than being creative and enjoying what you do?

This post might not be the most enjoyable reading but I hope I made a point. Next time you get stuck while studying a theoretical concept, don't stop reading but don't try too hard. Just doodle. Then see if you can understand what you were trying to do. Things are simpler than they seem.

In short, do not push your mind away from thinking. Let ideas flow. Use colors in your life and don't make your life heavier than it already is.

(This is not a scholarly writing. I do not know if this is even an idea. So let your mind evaluate how much you want to take from it. "VIEW"- your CHOICE. But let ideas flow)

-- Parash Upreti


Unknown said...

i totally agree..:)however,everyone has creativity ,ideas and they do share to others but hardly implement and execute it.


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